Impact Initiative: A Give Back Program By Local SEO Search

We want to give back to the community! Listen to this episode to hear us discuss our Impact Initiative. This new giving back initiative will help small business owners succeed post COVID. We will be giving away 1 year, full-service SEO campaigns to 100 businesses over 5 years. That’s over $2 million dollars in SEO!

When we saw how this pandemic was affecting businesses, we knew we had to find a way to give back to society and help! With the Impact Initiative, we will be focusing on helping Black and minority-owned businesses in year one. Our owner, John Vuong, is a minority and has a unique understanding of how hard it can be for business owners like him. He wanted to give back to his fellow business owners in Canada.

Search Engine Optimization is becoming increasingly popular. Everyone is searching online now more than ever. This means that ranking on Google is getting more competitive. Having your customers find your company online can make or break your business. Let us help you!

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