Impact Initiative: A Give Back Program By Local SEO Search

Hi! My name is John Vuong. I’m the owner and founder of Local SEO Search. For the past seven years I’ve had the honor and privilege to work with business owners across Canada and North America. During this pandemic, I saw firsthand how businesses have been impacted. Storefronts closed, communities broken and I felt like I had to do more. So I have created the Impact Initiative. I will give a free 12-month SEO campaign to 20 business owners yearly for the next five years. I don’t want companies who can’t afford to invest in SEO to miss out on the recovering economy. Most business communities have been affected and as a minority myself; my family immigrated to Canada from Vietnam when I was just a baby, I’ve decided to focus the first year on minority and black-owned businesses.

Digital marketing has spiked since the pandemic. We are all searching for everything online now and many businesses are shifting their strategies to reflect this but I don’t want any business to be left behind.

The goal of this initiative is to help business owners grow and thrive online with a successful SEO campaign. Our team of 30 plus employees will treat you like any of our regular clients. We will even help you build a new website if yours is out of date. Our boutique agency is entirely in-house and will fully optimize your website and your Google My Business page for localized keywords that your customers are searching for. We want to help you dominate your local market.

Getting found online is not easy but it could be a life-changing event for your business. I hope that with this campaign the new clients can turn their business around and flourish during this post-COVID world and then I hope that they will take their success and pay it forward in their own communities because giving back is what makes running a business worth it.