How to Stay Mindful

‘In every crisis, there’s opportunity.’

Are you not sure how to stay mindful all the time as a busy entrepreneur? We’re here to help. We share a few tips on how business owners can stay mindful during a trying time like the current pandemic: 

– remembering your business’s purpose

– staying socially connected with your client and employees

– remaining optimistic

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Roger: Hi! And welcome to Local SEO Today. I’m Roger Murphy.

John: And I’m John Vuong.

Roger: We wanna welcome you to our episode. Today, we wanna talk about and talk to entrepreneurs, John and business owners that, you know, in this world, this new world we live in and we have been living in for over a year in terms of Covid. Everyone’s, not everyone but many people are working remotely now, John. And the idea of how to stay mindful or how to stay engaged when you’re working remotely and not in a team environment that they may have in the past. 

John: Yeah, it’s definitely a challenge for a lot of business owners, especially if they’re so used to going to a bricks and mortar location. You used to serve as clients, right? Your customers would come in to you, and you would have to serve them. And nowadays, you can’t do that anymore. You might have changed it to now virtual meetings, virtual consultations, virtual team meetings, even. So, things have changed, the way businesses have changed and eventually, hopefully, things get back to normal because that’s why you started your businesses in the first place. Maybe you’re very social in nature and that’s what you miss. But for the time being, you have to understand what’s going on, the situation, why customers aren’t coming to you and how have you adapted? So, being mindful of the situation, your customers’ expectations, your staff, and even yourself is important.

Roger: That’s right. And you know, no one likes change. But it’s always…That’s what part of life is all about. And the idea of this, you know, this pandemic that we’ve all been affected by and hopefully it’s getting behind us. But the truth is, you have to look at it with perspective and realize that as a business owner, you’ve got to pivot and this is just the way it is and your staff, they realize as well that, okay, you know, in this…It’s all perspective, they may not have to get in the car anymore so they save, you know, an hour worth of commuting every day. But the idea of the loneliness of working from home, that’s the challenge right there.

John: And remember why you got in business in the first place, right? To serve your customers,  to add value in someone’s life, to really take care of your family, ultimately and it is a journey. And this is a blip in that long cycle of your business journey and your life journey. And put it into perspective, like you mentioned, Roger, because there’s gonna be challenges, there’s gonna be highs and lows in every business. There’s gonna be highs and lows in life and situations that you have to deal with and juggle around. If you have a family or not, you have elderly parents, you have situational stuff that happened to you personally or not. And so this is just a blip out of, you know, the long business cycle that you may want to continue doing for the next 10, 20, 30 years. So, realize that and what can you do better or make it stronger so that you are positioned better in the future? 

Roger: Exactly. And there’s that old saying of, “In every crisis, there’s opportunity.” Just one of the simple things that it was just literally a year ago, John, if I had said to you, “John, what do you think zoom is?” And you might go, you know…And I…For at least for myself, John, I had never heard of it before April of last year. And now it is as commonplace. And yes, there’s other brands out there but zoom has the cachet. It’s just like, in one year, everyone has realized there’s this technology that will allow you to pivot and still provide service to your clientele or have staff meetings remotely. It was a tremendously opportune software or platform that was available out there. So, yeah. So, it’s just against all perspective, how to use this technology and then allows you to take care of your customers.

John: And understanding like, it also gives you a lot of time to reflect on not just the negatives that are happening but all the positive things that is going on in your life, in your situation, your business and be happy with where you got, how you gotten to where you are today, right? People always wanna keep pushing themselves and they’re always chasing for more and more revenue, more sales, more profit, but no one really looks back at their accomplishment and be grateful for all the things that you’ve done well, to be in business for X amount of years, to be able to service X amount of clients over the many years, to be able to hire so many staff to support their families and their obligation. So,  being able to be dating back to reflect on what all the things you had to endure to get to this spot and, you know, be optimistic as well, right? Like, what’s gonna happen in the future. I feel if you are mindful and understand that. And be grateful for what you have, things are gonna be positive in the future.

Roger: Exactly. And I was going to touch on that, John, and  I have for so many years. I’ve always said to clients and new clients coming on board with my company and our company. That if you’re in business, if you’re an entrepreneur, that means by default, you’re an optimist. So, you used that word just a moment ago, John, it is true, you’ve got to stay optimistic and how do you take…How do you take advantage of the situation? Meaning, if something has been thrown at you, a curveball, what do you do? You just have to, you know, reflect on it, you have to look at it with perspective but you’re an optimist. So, the idea of you’re in business for a reason you enjoy what you do, you enjoy taking care of your clients. It’s just a matter of just being mindful about the situation. It’s not forever, but it is for now. And you’re gonna get through this.

John: And then adapt to the new environment, right? Understand what’s going on in your business, your industry, your niche, your customers behaviors and instead of waiting for things to happen again, be very proactive, figure out if there’s things that you can do better, stronger, more efficient, more productive in front of your customers. Listen, to ask questions, communicate with them, acknowledge your gaps. Understand from your customer standpoint what’s going on in their lives, their situation, add value in different ways, be supportive and not just your clients but your staff as well, right? Because they’re going through a lot of challenges as well. So,  always listen and help, be there to not just have a positive influence in people’s lives and your business but have fun along the way. Like, you gotta enjoy what you do and be passionate. And if you this is not for you then. Acknowledge that as well.

Roger: Exactly. Yeah, it’s so true. And I had a call, an appointment with a gentleman the other day and we made sure that…And it’s the idea of connection, John, and that connectivity using your camera to keep…So that you can make a contact with that person. It isn’t perfect. It’s not like being face to face but it’s the next best thing. So, the idea of using your camera, some people don’t. But it is so much more powerful if you just do eye contact and you stay in touch with that person. They get it, they really get it. They get a connection of what you’re all about. You’re talking about, how was your day? And how’s it going? And how was your week? And what about the weather? And what about those, you know, the sports teams. But just you know, you just…It’s that idea of being, you know, mindful, being engaged with your clients when you’re in front of them.

John: And it’s so much more powerful to have real life connections, socially, like if you can actually see people and things. But the next best thing is video. But if you can’t even do video, pick up the phone, right? People forget that these are real connections that you’re gonna be having way better conversations than a text message, or an email. You know, perspective is everything and it’s not as real as seeing someone, right? And you can go through a lot of different questions and answers and dialogue between people with a good in depth conversation. When you actually have both people on the same level playing field, right? Instead of waiting for an email coming back to you and not knowing what that really meant. We always see this Roger. 

Roger: We do. And, you know, as I say, being positive and looking at perspective. You’re just…What you’re doing, and what we are all doing because of this pandemic. We are half…We have to work many times remotely. Just be mindful of your own, what you’re bringing to your client, your positivity. Just, you know, as I say, as you say, John, be mindful. Just think about why you’re in business in the first place and how you’ve been successful in the past. Stay optimistic. But it’s just, you know, being mindful and in this new mental space that we’re in.

John: And remember, this is hopefully just a short blip. And yes, things have changed, behaviors have changed. So, how are you gonna live in this new blip world? And are you gonna enjoy it? Are you gonna look at the positives? Don’t look at the negatives, right? Look at ways that you can improve, look at the systems that you built, the processes, the people, how things have changed for the better in your business. The environment has changed. Breath , be present, live presently, talk to people that…

Roger: I’d say being mindful too. I almost wanna say, stay away from the news because the news is nothing but negative but there are some real positives, John, like in our friends in the United States to the south. They have broken through 3 million per day are getting vaccinated. Three million. So, they are racing through to get everyone protected from this, you know, this potentially deadly virus and here in Canada, in Ontario, they hit a milestone just the other day in terms of the number of hundreds of thousands that were done in a day. So, this thing where it’s a blip, as you say. We’re gonna get through it, get past it and we’ll all come out stronger on the other side.

John: Yeah. And have fun, right? Like, your business is, you know, your lifelong dream, right? Most people…This is as big of a venture as getting married or, you know, a life span. There’s certain memories that you’re gonna really recall, right? Like, having a baby, having family, getting, you know, married, you know, if your kids are leaving school, you know, this is also your little baby like your business. And remember all the moments, the micro moments. This is one of those moments that everyone’s gonna remember, right? And how do you endure this? How do you get through this? It’s Perseverance, like the positive, enjoy the process, look at the up, be optimistic and have fun along the way. If you’re still smiling, then that’s at least you know, you’re in it for a long time. If you’re miserable, and you’re not enjoying your business then look at different alternatives. 

Roger: That’s it. And, you know, as a maybe final thought, this is all a journey. It’s not a destination. This is your business, it’s your baby, it’s your child, it’s gonna grow, it’s a journey. It’s not…You’re not waiting for something to be over. You live it every day.

John: Awesome. Well, thanks a lot, Roger. That was a great talk.

Roger: John, thank you and thank you to our listeners. And we’ll see you again and we’ll talk again at Local SEO today.