Goal Setting for 2021

Win small achievements to get closer to your end goal.

What are your goals this year? Listen to this episode to get a headstart on achieving your goals. John and Roger share highly effective goal setting tips such as setting a realistic target with a manageable timeframe. These are not only helpful for goal setting in business; you can also use these in your personal life.

Roger: hello and welcome to local seo today i’m roger murphy

John: And I’m John Voung.

Roger: We want to welcome entrepreneurs and business owners today to our podcast. Today we’re talking about goal setting and John, goal setting is terrific and it’s for any time of year whether it’s the beginning of the year, middle of the year but setting goals is so important for business owners and for everyone really.

John: Exactly, there’s so many different types of goals that individuals are after right? Personal, Business, Career, Relationships, any health there’s so many different targets that you want to achieve in a set time frame and without goal setting you don’t really have anything to really motivate and push you to strive, to succeed so what we’re going to talk about is as a business owner, what do you need to do in terms of goal setting to move yourself forward?

Roger: Yeah and you know and the big thing there’s so many little things that make a big difference John but as you say setting a goal number one and then maybe making yourself accountable we’re going to go through all this but there’s just so many little things can make a huge difference.

John: Exactly, so I think the first thing is being realistic with the goals and making sure that there’s habits in place so the first thing is make sure there’s a time frame, so maybe at the beginning of each year you set some sort of time stamped goals on a monthly basis, quarterly basis or annual basis of what you want to achieve in your business and this could be revenue targets, it could be staff headcount, it could be profitability, it could be reducing spend, it could be any any metric that you want to achieve.

Roger: Exactly such as even memberships if you want to depending on the type of business you’re in and of course we’re we’re talking about the world we live in today it’s all about relationships and keeping clients sticky so all sorts of goals you can set.

John: Yeah and I would say try to do this regularly and change the goals up if they’re not achievable, to make them realistic right so as you know pandemic has hit last year and there’s been a lot of shifts in terms of projections, targets, even goal setting that you did last year make it more realistic for this year because if you know had goals that it was not achieved last year this year might be very similar right? So adjust them accordingly based on the environment that we live in today.

Roger: Yeah and I like the idea too John of truthfully, when we’re talking about setting goals of course we want to talk about putting them in writing but I also like the idea of if it’s got a timestamp to it then as a business owner entrepreneur or anyone even in personal life if you do a reverse engineer to say okay if I’m going to hit that whatever that target is in 12 months what do I need to do every month to achieve my goal, so you break it down if it’s too big a goal it would seem insurmountable and then it might be like I don’t know how we’re gonna get there but if you break it off into time stamps if I to move me towards my goal this week what do I need to achieve this week and you make it very very attainable it builds on itself.

John: I love the fact that you mentioned that because as you know myself and you included we’ve been in sales for many many years and decades and these are little actionable tips that we did to achieve these daily, weekly, monthly, yearly targets to supersede them or achieve whatever accomplishments that we did accomplish because the big thing is if for sales reps we needed to hit how many phone calls, how many speaking of prospects, how many leads in the hopper, how many worn warm attractive almost sales funnels that we had so if you break it down as a business owner it’s more about what are you doing to get yourself out there, what are some of the marketing initiatives that you have in place, are you writing more content are you out there talking to more individuals or prospects, are you out there building more relationships um talking to vendors, suppliers, customers, there’s so many things that you can do and it’s kind of overwhelming but if you break it down to smaller targets 10 this week. 10 today you know it will slowly you know hit to a point where you’re actually making a dent to the bigger picture.

Roger: Exactly I like the analogy from you know everyone’s anyone who’s a sports enthusiast whether it’s you basketball John or myself hockey. You know hockey we talk about you don’t wanna if you can’t look at winning the game you start off with can I win this face off and then can I win my shift, can I win the period? You break it down and because you have made it manageable you move yourself towards that inevitable ultimate goal.

John: Exactly

Roger: Pretty fascinating.

John: Yeah hockey, basketball you win that tip off, you win that rebound, you win that basket, hustle play and so as in business you win these small little actual tidpits of achievement you talk to more people, you get in front of more people to build relationships, you get them closer to the end goal of an ultimate sale or a long time lifetime client of yours and that takes time to not just build a habit, learn, make a lot of mistakes, but also improve along the way.

Roger: Yep and in the hockey analogy of the world, Wayne Gretzky says you’ll miss 100 of the shots you don’t take I’m pretty sure that was, I have to attribute that to him I think it was him but it’s true so John it’s your point if you don’t set a goal,you’ve got nothing you’re just floating around out there so it is imperative as a business owner entrepreneur even for personal growth set something and then work towards it even if you don’t hit that target you’re still moving forward in terms of personal and business growth

John: So I know there’s a lot of people that might already be doing goal setting, they’re writing it down, they have these goals in mind but then how do you hold yourself accountable? What are the steps and action tips that you’re doing to actually do the things, write down what was actually done, make notes on what didn’t work, what did work and move towards things that actually convert at a higher level. So these are baby steps that you need to do to actually reflect to figure out what’s been going well and what hasn’t
been going well so spend a couple minutes to really jot down the daily intake of what went on during the day, what was successful, what wasn’t and move closer to doing more of the things that move you closer to success.

Roger: And I suppose you want to be flexible too because at the end of the day if you miss your weekly target, that’s not the end of the world because you can refocus to say okay I didn’t hit what my target was or my mini goal or whatever for this week, don’t beat yourself up because you’ve got next week and you can format and reformat and pivot and adjust what your activities are to catch up and exceed your you know your targets and your goals.

John: And that’s the reality that we live in today there’s no predictability like it once was . There’s a lot of things that you are out of your control like government mandates and shutdowns, lockdowns there’s a lot of things that are restricting you so maybe these smaller goals aren’t as realistic as larger monthly, quarterly, yearly goals and what are things that you can do and pivot so that you can do things that you can actually be in control of, things that you can’t do then, refocus pivot so if there’s things that you can’t do in terms of driving traffic today, focus on building more authority, building more relationships focus more on marketing writing more compelling content things that really resonate to build your brand stronger so that when things get back to normal you’re positioned well.

Roger: Yep I like the idea too John, I know we want to talk about celebrating these little wins and big ones along the way for yourself and for the team if you’ve got a team working for you but to celebrate and acknowledge the hard work that’s going on.

John: Yeah and this could be as little as going for coffee, going for lunch, going for dinner and this doesn’t have to be with your staff or at the company it could be on a personal level like go with your family, take some friends out to say look I got a good client this month and it made my month monthly target or weekly or yearly go and enjoy yourself and it doesn’t have to be blowing the budget right? It could be just going out for a little meal or a weekend getaway or anything.

Roger: Exactly

John: Yeah because these are little things that we learned over the years in sales and it got us in a habit of you know shifting our behaviors mental clarity, making sure that we’re moving closer to the end goal and yes maybe there’s months and days that you don’t achieve the goals that you set out and don’t get too hard on yourself, it’s all self-inflicted as well a lot of people get really upset they’re stressed they’re depressed they put too much pressure on themselves but in reality it’s self-inflicted you put your goals in yourself and when you don’t achieve it, it’s okay it’s maybe out of reach, it’s maybe this month you didn’t do it let’s try again next month it’s okay

Roger: And it’s funny you know these small steps they don’t need to be huge and that’s like if that’s one take away I could give or leave someone don’t make the goal so insurmountable that it’s like you’re you need you feel like you want to give up just it’s like take one bite at a time how do you eat an elephant one bite at a time it’s just take those little steps forward and they build upon themselves and you’ve got you’re closer and closer to that goal that you were shooting for.

John: Exactly and again this whole business journey is time set like it takes time to learn and pivot and try different things this past year has been challenging 2020, 2021 it’s already off to not a great start but there’s still room for you to set goals that may be achievable may not be, but it’s important to make a habit out of it a lot of business owners don’t even set goals on a personal standpoint let alone business then how do they get to closer to their end game whatever that may be at the year target, three year, five year 10 year goal I focus on goal setting on a regular basis twice a year with not just the team but my client clients as well, my staff, my friends, my personal relationships, my family it’s so important to just make a habit to do this because anything not written down or not set will never get accomplished.

Roger: It’s almost like if you don’t write it down it’s not a goal, there’s something that’s almost like the universe will speak to you if you put that in writing you’re declaring something and i know that may sound a little out there but the deal is is if you keep your goal to yourself it’s not a goal no one knows about it. But if you put it on in writings, post on the wall, whatever it is you put it out there that’s so much that’s a powerful statement that moves you towards your goals.

John: And maybe it is find an accountability partner, if you’re part of a network community, mastermind or just friends or family that you trust and aren’t too hard on you and you’re open to kind of sharing what your targets and goals and financials or whatever it is, make sure that they’re holding you accountable too they’re gonna you know have a regular discussion on a weekly, monthly basis to see how you’re doing let alone trying to put pressure on you it’s more support.

Roger: Right.

John: Awesome I think that’s about it.

Roger: Yeah the power of goal setting I think we hit a lot of the big points and again just even a few of the little tips that we’ve added today, that people are going to take away from this will make a huge difference so, you know little bite size put some time stamps on it John reward yourself along the way you know look at these and revisit them on a regular basis, it’s good in business, it’s good in personal life.

John: And have fun along the way.

Roger: And have fun along the way. Well John thank you for your time and thanks for our visitors, listeners today and we’ll meet-see you again at local seo today.

John: Thank you.

Roger: Thank you.