Episode 98: 5 ways to Increase Engagement on your Website

You know you need a website, but is that enough? Why not make that website work for you and help you grow your business? Increasing engagement on your website will help create a lasting impact on your potential customers and also look good in the eyes of Google. It’s a win win! Here are 5 ways to increase engagement and improve your website!

Roger: Hello and welcome Local SEO today. I’m Roger Murphy.

John: And I’m John Vuong.

Roger: Today we have Kayla Claus who’s working the cameras and the technical so Kayla, thank you for helping.

John: Thanks Kayla.

Roger: And welcome to all business owners and entrepreneurs that are watching today. We want to talk to you about your website and John, how important is a website today in the world of Commerce?

John: I mean if you’re running a business and you sell product or you service customers, it’s your central place of how you’re gonna generate leads, right? Or even just let people know what’s going on with you with this business, right? So it is not just a central point of communication but it’s just bursting of content. Really, right? So it acts as a medium altogether where people could call you, email you, they can you know, fill out that form or a chatbox. They get updates, they know what’s going on based on what’s on the website and really it’s your personal brand as well so there’s so much going on in a website.

Roger: Yes, and if you look at it yourselves as business owners, as a consumer yourself. We’re consumers. Everyone has a journey that they’re on. When they’re deciding to buy something whether it’s a large purchase, a small purchase. They’re investigating. The internet really is where they begin their journey, where they’re checking websites during their journey and of course when they’re finally ready to buy and they’re going to choose a company to call. They’re on one of the major search engines very much to Google so this website is so critical to make sure you get your message in front of people.

John: And what we’re gonna talk about is ways to increase your customer engagement on your website because what’s important today is having…Not just having a website that’s actually you know, like having a telephone number it’s a necessity for business owners today, right? Without a website you’re really not credible. Legitimizes you, right? So the first thing is making sure your website is easy to access which I think is very important so having a responsive website so that it can be found and navigated on a desktop, a mobile phone, a smartphone, a tablet or you know, even a you know, what would you call it?

Roger: Personal device.

John: Personal device but laptops, right? I mean there’s so many different platforms out there making sure your website can be translated to your device so that people can easily access it.

Roger: That’s what responsive means so you don’t have to have five websites for five different types of machines but the website needs to be able to automatically position itself and reformat itself so it will…Looks great on phone, looks great on a computer, on a tablet so that’s responsive so making it responsive and John, I guess load speed too that’s important.

John: It’s very important today.

Roger: You, me we all want, we wouldn’t want to sit there and wait for something to load. Websites need to be fast.

John: And today what I mean by fast is within three seconds, right? Because what’s happening is people are just impatient if they don’t find something…What they’re looking for within a couple of seconds they’re gonna press that back and they’ll probably never check you out again, right? So you need to engage and you know, capture their attention in that brief time.

Roger: With a fast loading website.

John: So having a fast website also comes with creating an offer or something that actually is compelling enough for them to stick on your website, right? So whatever product or service you have, what is it that’s gonna capture that person’s attention, to stay on your website.

Roger: Depending on your industry, depending on your service for example if your service based company it might be same-day service, it might be call now. If you make…You’ll engage more people with your website if you make it easy for them to find your phone number. You’d be surprised John, how many business owners do not have an easily accessible phone number or contact. You’ve got to go to local contact page and go down there’s a form but I don’t want the form I want their phone number. Make it easy for them to engage with you and connect with you quickly.

John: Yeah, so not just having it easy to access, above the fold is critical as well so making sure that whatever is in front of them they can quickly skim from top to bottom, left to right and it’s large format and has images, has something that actually captures their attention with an offer and they will want to read further.

Roger: And what you mean by above the fold is when you’re visualizing something on your laptop it’s everything that’s on the screen visible not having to scroll down to the bottom of the page one. Above the fold means your…What’s visible right there. That’s where you get…Increase your engagement for sure.

John: So the brand, the telephone number, the url, the social media signals. All that is critical. Having a very high definition image to capture the audience, right? Because people want professionalism. They want something that they can connect with and they can associate with, right?

Roger: And you know, what they want also John, is quickly to validate that you are an expert at what you do so having something whether it’s accreditation of Better Business Bureau or whether top rated or there’s of…

John: Association you’re part of.

Roger: Or even a testimonial saying, “These guys were great! They took care of me.” Etcetera, etcetera. So everything that says I can reach them, they are good at what they do, I’ve got…I see a testimonial. This helps engage people to convert and give you a call.

John: Yeah, all these are very important factors, right? User engagement like getting reviews is critical as well so allowing people that testimonial piece can be in a written format but also on a third-party format so we’re having a link that says check us out on here, check you know, read our reviews there because it validates what you’re doing, right? Anyone could write a review on their website but when someone go…Takes the time and writes it on a third party website, Google My Business, RateMDs, OpenCare, Homestars whatever it may be. It validates your business and people actually will read third-party reviews, right?

Roger: Exactly, most businesses have seasonal offers. There’s high and low seasons but for example we’re in the summer season here in North America. Air conditioning is gonna be very big once it gets hot. Why not have the website on here above the full on page one to talk about engagement to say, “Get your AC tuned up. As well as…” And offers something else at the exact same time so this is that engagement piece that gives people a reason to call you because you’ve got…You have a special offer for the month.

John: Yeah, so having…Making sure your website just attracts people throughout that buyer journey, right? From the awareness piece to transactional to even repeat customers, right? They’re searching you out by brand. Making sure that you’re connected throughout that journey, right? And making sure that it’s easy to navigate so that you know, even at the top down, drop down. That’s how people tend to like websites, right? Don’t make it complicated for the users, right? People like consistency, they like…The behaviors of users…Don’t change things up if they’re used to the way things are. Keep it consistent, right? Make it easy to navigate throughout your entire website from page to page, internal link property of your website, right? And make it speak to your audience, make sure the content is sufficient for your users, right? So that you can get the most out of their clicking unto to your website.

Roger: To your point with the content. There’s something and it could be on your website depending on your industry, you could have a blog section and it might be even like a library John, of Frequently Asked Questions so I’m gonna…Just because we’re in the heating/cooling season right now in North America; what if you had on your air conditioning site: How to extend the life of your conditioning system, how to get it ready for the season, how to ensure you get you know, lower your cooling costs. Just have information that…You give information away. This will help engage people and consumers on their journey and they remember you. They’ll say, You know what, there’s a great site, a great business that I learned a tip and a trick on how to take care of my equipment in my home.

John: So if this is a trending topic don’t just put it in your blog and hide it within your website. Put it as a banner on your homepage, right? With a caption, with a nice image and put an offer as well, right? So there’s ways around making sure that you’re fully utilizing your website to get the most out of you know, you’re investing a lot on maintaining that website, producing content and if you’re optimizing it or spending money on ads, what are you doing to really make sure that it’s a well-oiled machine that it’s fully operational, right?

Roger: So because virtually for 99 percent of all businesses out there and corporations their website is a lead generation tool so think about this if this is a lead generation tool if they’re at the beginning of their journey they need information of how to, if they’re at their end of the journey whether it’s an emergency or they decided, “I need to buy.” You’ve got to give them a call to action and a reason to call but all the way along in terms of the journey it’s a touch point, you’ve gotta make the website engaging so it’s available for them when they’re ready.

John: And position yourself as the expert. So that’s a great topic . Thanks a lot, Roger.

Roger: John, thank you for visiting today at Local SEO Today. We’ll see you again.

John: Thank you.