Episode 95: 5 Critical Advertising Investments Every Small Business Should Make Today!

As a small business you most likely have a small budget for advertising. So where do you invest and where do you cut corners? Let us explain the five critical advertising investments you should make that can help your business grow!

Roger: Welcome to Local SEO Today. I’m Roger Murphy.

John: And I’m John Vuong.

Roger: We want to thank you for joining us today to see this segment. We want to talk to small business owners or new business owners that are starting John, starting business it’s a…In terms of there’s so many moving parts and pieces but in marketing and…Or marketing and presenting your business in such a way. It’s so critical to get that out there.

John: So how do you brand yourself? Starting off, how do you want to be perceived? And where do you want to invest your money, the marketing dollars to get your name out there, right? And get your image out there. Your brand out there, right? So we’re gonna talk about five. And the first thing we’re gonna talk about is really the packaging, the brand, the logo, really you need to figure out how you want to be known, right? And if you do create a brand that sticks out, an image with vibrant colors or something that actually goes along the lines of the core values like really think about this because this will be what you’re gonna be known for.

Roger: Exactly, and I should mention it’s an old saying but you never get a second chance to make a good first impression so really, really think about that and as I was driving here today John, literally for our podcast day. I saw a billboard for an auto body shop, auto body chain of stores. It was so unmemorable, it was unbelievable. It was three letters saying if you dent yourself we will fix you. It had no image, nothing. I couldn’t even tell you today at this moment what it was. It was so downplayed to your point how do you want to be remembered? You’ve got to have color and image and something that grabs their attention so this is why we’re talking with this for…With business owners today.

John: Yeah, so when you’re thinking about branding, logo design even putting on your you know, business card or your website whatever it may be. Really think about how you want to portray yourself so that color, the different shades, the wording maybe on the logo, around the logo you know, and make it so it stands out so people remember that, right?

Roger: So this speaks to hiring experts that are in this business. If you have a brick and mortar store, if you’re a dental office, if you are a retailer service provider with your vehicles. I think it really would be a great investment to find graphic artists and marketing specialists locally. They can give you a few ideas for branding and for your logo because it is true if you have a brick-and-mortar store if someone, your client walks in maybe it’s a dental office, maybe it’s a medical spa whatever it is they have to have a feel right away to start to like this place. They get a sense of it. It’s so important to set the tone so that they feel comfortable when they’re in your store.

John: And even have…Remembering to add that slogan to be you know, memorable, right? Because usually a logo or brand comes with a memorable slogan, right? And yeah! You hear it on the radio a lot, you hear it on the TV, watch on TV but yourself make sure that whatever you use is memorable for your customers to remember you.

Roger: So there’s packaging, right? In terms of…And that’s why the packaging industry is a multi, multi-billion dollar industry because you have to catch someone’s eye so it is all about giving pretty, presenting that image that you want to portray.

John: Especially if your product means you know, you’re selling some sort of widget, right? So packaging it and making sure that it’s memorable. That experience. Are you storytelling throughout the entire journey of when someone opens your package like really put some very heavy thought into it and invest in it, right? Because people will only have that first chance to remember you.

Roger: And will do two extremes and the one is and not that you are ready to spend the way Apple spending but if you think of it how many Apple owners and users that are out there in the world they…It was Steve Jobs that was his role he wanted to have every time you touched anything it was a memorable experience, the packaging, how things were laid out. It was literally like unpacking something, a beautiful piece of art. That’s memorable and we all know that from owning that.

John: And people pay a premium for that experience, right? And they and…It’s something that people take for granted, right? So as a small business owner remember there’s ways to actually impact your users.

Roger: And it’s leaving that room, being memorable and being recognizable out there so if I could take the other extreme, John, so we got Apple which is really one of the best in the world at packaging and image creation, go down and to a very important industry, service-based industry. You have a vehicle or you have trucks on the road. I know of a gentleman that got into a business maybe a decade ago and he was in the plumbing business and his vehicle was…Logo done professionally and whatever it said that you know, special you know, their plumbing services, etc. And he had one vehicle and he served three small communities in the Eastern part of the GTA and the Toronto area. He constantly heard from people, “Oh, I saw your truck here. I saw your truck there.” It actually made him, he only had one vehicle but people thought he had way more vehicles because he was everywhere. He was always on service call and his rolling vehicle was like a rolling billboard. It was memorable everywhere it went.

John: So make sure it’s professionally done, right? So wrap it, you could wrap it. Invest that money on really bright and vibrant colors, make it memorable, make it easy for people to read so people can jot it down or take a quick photo because today everyone’s on the road. Everyone’s you know, stuck in traffic, right? So if you have a service vehicle make sure you’re investing that extra couple of thousand dollars vehicle wrapping it so that you can get the most of it.

Roger: Exactly, it’s your promotions, your billboard. Think of all the vehicles, anyone if you’re on the road you see these vehicles that are blank. There’s nothing. There’s just maybe a special technical Association number on the side but there’s no name, no nothing. It’s not memorable so you’re losing opportunity to get your message out to them.

John: And so the other spectrum from service to back to bricks and mortar. Saying you’re a dental office. First impression. So what do people see? They either see your signage, storefront, at the top or on your windows at your door and then that reception area, that entryway of walking into a physical location, right? So how do you want to be portrayed, right? How are the colors, how is the interior design, how is the decoration, right? So the signage is one thing, the wording is important and the services, the hours and you know, office hours.

Roger: Even the color schemes when you go in, there are colors that are more calming and for dentistry in particular people tend to have a high level of anxiety going to a dentist so when you walk in if it was bright colors of white and red and blue that sets people off as opposed to more calm professional, “I’m in good hands here. This place looks professional.” Et cetera so you…It’s amazing people, they judge you and they internalize what they see.

John: Exactly and you want that you know, to stand out as well so is it the music, is it the tone of the colors, is it the new decor you know, you gotta invest quite a lot of money but might as well do it professionally the you know, the way customers want it, right? And so you need to invest and make it worth it, right? So then not only is a physical service face but how do people find you today, right? So the last thing we want to talk about is how are you spending your marketing dollars and branding dollars online, digitally, right? So how are you attracting businesses, right?

Roger: Yep, the website of course is your brochure today that used to be printed format from years ago but it is everything from a resource, a contact tool. Learning…There might be…You might even have questions and answers on your website to give people information and educate them as to what sort of services they might be looking for. They don’t even know they’re looking for your offer.

John: And you can still have it in a physical format so you know, brochure, postcard, newsletter you know, written format but again that cost can be translated online and really make sure that whoever is looking for you branding wise, googling you, you know, video searching you or whatever content you have provided they can find it, right? So you ultimately should have a website that’s probably optimized for Google to eventually generate you some leads but most importantly to build your authority in trust, right? And maybe position yourself as the expert because ultimately people wanna deal with someone that’s knowledgeable, that has experience that knows what they’re doing and saying, right? And people will pay a premium for that.

Roger: And it should be mentioned also John, that on anyone’s journey, every consumer’s journey from whether when they realize, “I need something to…When they’re finally gonna buy.” There’s touchpoints, they might see your vehicle, they might drive by your store, they might have seen an article. Everything including your website. They all are integrated and really you need to understand that so your business card, your vehicle everywhere you should have your web address, to visit us online for more information tie it all in. Many times you’ll go, “Oh, they’re not including their phone number, they’re not including their website. I can’t find what…” So to your point if they see your vehicle driving down the road they could take a quick shot of it or it’s memorable like, “Oh yeah, I remember their website address.” Easy to find and it all ties.

John: That’s a great point, multiple touchpoints throughout the buyer’s journey, right? And you don’t know what the users ingesting content, right? So people that are very comfortable online, digital they’re gonna just search you up, right? They might use social media avenues, right? So having your website or having your brand consistent through multiple channels like on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn whatever it may be or having your website consistent and making sure that you know, if you’re a signage company or storefront it’s consistent throughout so people remember that and whenever they’re ready they’ll associate that to whatever they’re looking for.

Roger: Exactly, well this has been great, John. Are there any other tips or tricks you can think of for everyone today?

John: I think you know, invest properly, smart. As a small business owner I know your resources are scarce but find a good partner that really understands your branding, your marketing, your objectives and mission and really you know, once you have that alignment, follow-through, right? And perform like you are gonna be successful because at the end of the day every business owner is doing this. Sacrificing their careers to start their own journey, right? And you’re gonna invest money. You’re definitely gonna you know, at the beginning but it might be a little rocky, you’re gonna learn and get better but if you’re consistent and you’re working along the same goals you’re gonna be successful.

Roger: And the key is invest in image, it’s a better business card, a better looking vehicle or signage in the front of your store so really put the thought into it. It pays dividends if you hire, find experts to help you do that job.

John: Quality of everything images, video, audio you name it content, website. When they’re the expert because they’ve been trained fully, right? Years and years of experience. They know what they’re supposed to be doing, right? So really just like anyone you know, with their service and product. They’re the experts. Hired experts.

Roger: As a small business owner getting started you have the opportunity to look as big and as professional as any of these businesses that have been around for years and years but it’s all about making that first impression and you don’t get that second chance so invest wisely. It will pay dividends.

John: Definitely. Well, thanks a lot Roger.

Roger: John, thank you for your time. Thank you for watching Local SEO Today. Have a good day.