Episode 81: The Power Of Positivity In Business

Starting and running your own business can be difficult. Running a small business has its ups and downs. But in order to succeed you need to stay positive and believe in yourself. John Vuong discusses how positivity helped his business succeed and how it can do the same for yours.

Roger: Welcome to Local SEO Today I’m Roger Murphy.

John: And I’m John Vuong.

Roger: We want to thank Kayla who’s working the camera today. She’s our production assistant, actually our production director so thank you, Kayla.

John: Thank you, Kayla.

Roger: Today if you’re watching our podcast we really want to talk, John, on some topics in terms of being an entrepreneur. It’s a mindset, it’s about staying positive, it’s about surrounding yourself with people that either share your vision or like-minded people. Let’s talk about what it means to have that and what it means not to have that.

John: Yeah, so you know, the journey of entrepreneurship is sometimes very lonely and staying positive and keeping yourself motivated is very difficult for a lot of people, right? So you need to surround yourself with people that are very like-minded and there’s a lot of groups and communities out there that will support you and give inspiration, right? And really help you throughout the journey, right? So, even in your local city so we’re here in the Toronto area there’s a lot of support groups, there’s a lot of small business centers, there’s a lot of meetup groups, right? And Eventbrite has tons of different events that have people that are very entrepreneurial in spirit as well so what you’re after is really stay positive, right? And surrounding yourself with people that are kind of doing and in the same situation as you are.

Roger: Exactly, it can be said that, you know, and actually my first job, my first career, the gentleman that was hiring, his advice to me was he said, “If I can say one thing, stay away from negative people, they’ll only drag you down.” So I took that to heart and of course I was in the sales and consulting and advertising department and I’ve been doing a long time now but it is true, it serves no one. It serves you, it doesn’t serve you I should say to be negative at all. You’ve got to be positive. you got to stay up.. You’ve got to seek out people that are like-minded. They will support you.

John: So, yeah and like yourself, Roger. I did come from the sales background as well and to be successful you cannot be dragged down when someone hangs up the phone on you or says something bad. You cannot take it personally because they are probably getting hundreds of calls or talking to hundreds of people as well. They might have had a bad day, right? But in the sales environment even you want to surround yourself with very successful salespeople as well, right? What are they doing, what are their habits, figuring that out. Not only in your sales, in business, you know, surroundings but also the relationships you have with your significant other, your friends, your closest circle, right? Business partners or whatever it may be. You need to surround yourself with people that are very positive, really looking after each other, supportive people that wanna help you become successful throughout the journey.

Roger: Yep, it’s not necessarily a fine line of people that are trying to be realistic with you versus people that are negative but what you’re looking for is someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to give you encouragement. Really, it’s about being encouraged So these meetup groups that are all over North America if you’re a new entrepreneur and you have an idea get out there, share your idea. We went to one, John, recently it wasn’t that long ago where people sort of shared, “Here’s a roadblock I have right now.” And then the second part of it was, “Here’s what I’m good at right now that I could assist somebody if they had any type of problem like this.” It was really quite good so in terms of people that say, “Here’s my dream. Here’s where I’m hitting a roadblock.” Find these groups that you can get your story out there and get encouragement and maybe just maybe some harsh reality too but you don’t want the doggie downers, you don’t want the people that go, “Oh yeah, that won’t work.” No one gets anywhere, you know, Steve Jobs wouldn’t get anywhere with Apple if somebody just said that, “That won’t work. What are you talking about?”

John: Yeah, so live events, meetups, community, you know, kind of events, associations. Another place if you’re not comfortable in a live setting would be online forum, online groups like on Facebook or LinkedIn. I just recently joined a slack group as well, so there are communities out there if you’re not comfortable being face-to-face or in the sales are the kind of environment but as a business owner you need to be very comfortable dealing with people so you need to start working online, building strong relationships and connecting with people that are like-minded let it be on a digital level on forums and slack or meetups but also in a face-to-face environment as well, right? Because again you’re just as good as your five closest people that, you know, surround yourself with, right?

Roger: That’s a good tip.

John: So, I think if you want to be very successful, who are the five people that you spend the most time with in your life, right? And if they are very negative, if they are, you know, the ones that are jumping from job to job or you know, living paycheck to paycheck do you want to be like them or do you want to be kind of hanging out with the people that are business owners as well or like-minded in terms of they have a very strong vision and goal, right?

Roger: I would say as a suggestion today as a tip and a trick if you as an entrepreneur or a budding entrepreneur if you give encouragement give it, you’ll also get it back so when you’re at these meetings and really focus on how can I encourage these other people and really listen and try and give that encouragement out. I’m not saying just be a cheerleader but really have empathy and support other people, you’ll find that will come back to you all so that’ll help you in your journey. But, again negativity will kill any idea. You do have to be realistic, it has to be a good business, it has to make money, you know, you just can’t say, “My dream is to do XYZ.” It has to have a sustainable business model with it but look for people that will encourage you, that would give you good advice, good sounding boards and there’s thousands of people out there, hundreds of, you know, groups that you meet.

John: And find mentors, right?

Roger: That’s right.

John: Find zones or find someone that’s a coach or someone that is willing to be there on, you know, your cheerleader throughout the journey but there are people out there that are going through the exact same thing you’re going through as an entrepreneur and just continue staying positive.

Roger: I was just gonna say stay positive.

John: Exactly. Well, thanks a lot, Roger.

Roger: John, thank you for this whole episode and I hope you enjoyed this little episode today at Local SEO Today. We’ll see you again.

John: Thank you.