Episode 23: The Most Effective Marketing Strategy for Service-Based Businesses

Roger: Hey, good afternoon, it’s Roger Murphy here.

John: This is John Vuong, the owner of Local SEO Search.

Roger: We are here today. We wanted to talk…about and to small businesses, small independent businesses that are service based. And from the standpoint of, if you’re a business person in a service based industry, such as plumbing, or tree service, or if you’re a dental practice, health practitioner, legal — you are always looking for a steady stream of new customers, new clients to come in…and there’s many, many places you have to choose from to advertise. We are gonna talk, John and I are gonna talk today about what are some of the traditional ways that you’d…you’d have in the past, where we are today, and what.. what the landscape looks like. So as a small-medium business that’s in the service industry…you know that when someone is in need of your service, whether it’s an emergency, or whether they’re just ready to buy, those are the ultimate customers, the ones you just want to get your name in front of. So you as a business person say, “Okay, where can I advertise? I can do flyers, I can do my local newspaper, I can buy an ad in the radio, I can do tradeshow, I can do…yeah…community things to hang out to door handles.” But the truth is, at the end of the day, when somebody is ready and active, and that this is the key, they’re active and ready to make a purchase. They are going to the search engine that everyone knows and trusts, which is Google. Yes, there is Yahoo, and yes, there is Bing but Google seems to have won the world…won…won the confidence in…in consumers that they trust the data that comes out, they trust the results that’s fast, it’s complete and it gives a good result.

John: So back…I wanna say 20, 25 years ago…the world was eventually changed…the internet came on board, and there were different browsers, and people competed to try, and figure out how Yellow Pages was so successful. They became a monopoly in terms of print directory, they satisfied the need for…for different verticals, categories, and markets, and there was also that white page portion of the Yellow Pages which is more of a…word-of-mouth. Someone knows you by name. So take that to today, so today is 2018…that world is pretty much replicated online digital on Google, where today people tend to search via Google with specific keywords which is based on a lot of factors but usually goes in to specific categories and verticals, and then the market that they’re in, which is typically locally. So here we reside in Toronto and if I were to be looking for a personal injury lawyer in Toronto, that’s what I would be typing, or in..or even going to a little bit more detail: “I’m looking for a motorcycle, vehicle accident personal injury lawyer.” Right? That’s then…that…that is the behaviour of a user looking for a provider locally. So today’s world is not much different than back then but today there’s a lot more options. There’s a lot more advertising and a lot of pushing of ads to you…and people are very frustrated, they are very…I guess bombarded with what’s out there. They’re not in control…the same way they used to be in control.

Roger: What was the statistics you read earlier? Images per day?

John: Five thousand to ten thousand different ads are displayed in a single day.

Roger: To a person. Anybody?

John: To a person because you are driving to work, you are on a bus, you’re reading magazines and newspapers throughout your journey to work. You’re online…news websites, there’s banners that keep getting sent to your emails. You drive by, there’s billboards, there’s…you know bus shelters, there’s buses on ads, taxi ads, everywhere you see ads. People are trying to push information to you and you as a business owner, you have to figure out where gives you the best return on investment. There’s so many different avenues, there’s so many different mediums, there’s so much…so much out there, what works, what doesn’t, what gives you the best return, and why.

Roger: And we feel Google has won the battle…or at least…in this decade, let’s call in the last decade. They offer a choice to a consumer, they offer control to a consumer because the consumer…we all enjoy going to Google because you get an instant result, you are in control of what’s being fed to you or given to you. If…if…and you- we all do it. When you’re on Youtube, when you’re on a news site and you see ad, banners, popping up here and there, that’s really intrusive, that’s a push strategy…that’s…that you need millions of impressions of. It’s not…you know in terms of…it doesn’t reach the person that’s ready to buy, it just annoys them. But a Google search for a dentist, a Google search for a tree company, or a pest control company, or for a physio therapy place in your local city. You’re actively looking, you go to Google, Google will instantly give you as many results as you ever could use to…to vet them, call them, check out their reviews, and then be a satisfied consumer.

John: So the type of buyer that actually goes to directories or search engines is a different type because there’s so much further longer buying cycle. They are in control, they’re gonna type in a different keyword that they’re looking for. Say, I have a back pain and I’m looking for a physiotherapist to help me. So I’m gonna type in “back pain here in Toronto”, and I’m looking for a physiotherapist. So I- there’s a ton of physiotherapist. I’m gonna check their websites, probably call a couple, vet them, check out their reviews, check out their social media pages, read a couple of their blogs, see if there’s pricing, see if there’s a…some images of how their office looks. There’s so many different things in multiple touch points…the user has today — at their fingertips. And there’s many ways they can access it, on a mobile device, on a tablet, or on a desktop. So they’re in control however, that’s the major difference between Google and getting yourself found organically on Google versus paid because again, paid is a push kind of strategy, and it’s pay to play so you have to pay to be at the top, and everytime someone clicks on your website, you’re paying Google for that, or someone managing your campaign.

Roger: Our next video will speak to — what SEO is, how you make it work for your business but this is really today is to talk about the different choices that are out there, happening out there, but what are the ones that work today.

John: So if you’re a service-based industry…and you’ve probably been thought in school, or you’ve been thought in all the different association — trade shows, and places that you are part of, to really focus and figure out who your ideal customers are — where they reside, how they search, and majority of the people are gonna tell you word-of-mouth is the best kind of business that you want. But in order to get there, majority of people can’t just rely strictly on word-of-mouth, they have to go out there and attract new customers, patients, cases, whatever, maybe. You need to make sure that strategy and marketing that you do actually go after your intended target market, and that’s one thing that you have to really focus on because you’re gonna be spending a lot of money, you’re gonna be trying a lot of different things, you’re gonna go to a lot of networking events…and you’re gonna- you either have money to spend on advertising or you’re not- or you don’t have money, and you’re gonna, you know, go out and network, and build relationships. So the key is, where gives you the best return on investment. We believe, here in Local SEO Search, we have come up with a campaign for you, to organically build trust in Google’s eyes — a platform that everyone uses, multiply…multiple times a day, and they’re looking for you, or a service provider, and you just want the option for you to be there, as a business owner. You just wanna be visible and let the users decide who they want to choose.

Roger: So Local SEO Search, we will help you get those ready to buy customers by phone, by email, they’ll come to your door, if you have a retail store. But if you want success and you want to grow your business, SEO is the way to go, and SEO, Local SEO Search in Toronto, we’ve got the team. We’ll talk on the next video on how we’ll do it but we are the solution for your business.

John: So give us a call, we’re here to help local businesses across Canada, not just in GTA Toronto. Give us a call 416-888-8756, and we can provide an audit, competitive analysis, and device a plan that would fit for your industry and your ideal customer that you’re looking to attract.

Roger: Have a good day.

John: Thank you.