Episode 190:Making Money by Giving: A Conversation with Tom Antion

Give before you get.

Tom Antion takes pride in the fact that he never had a regular job. He is an internet multimillionaire and founder of the only licensed internet marketing school in the world. He is also the subject of the Hollywood documentary The American Entrepreneur premiering later this year.

If you only look at the big prizes and you don’t take the steps to get there, that’s called a dreamer. You want to be a doer, not a dreamer.

No matter what your goals in life are, you can learn a thing or two from Tom. In this episode, we cover various things Tom has learned and realized throughout his entrepreneurial journey:

  • Starting from scratch in the real estate industry
  • Making money by “shortening the learning curve” for other people
  • Setting yourself apart from your competitors
  • His personal philosophy on parenting and taking action in life

Get in touch with Tom:
Personal website: antion.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tomantion
Twitter: twitter.com/tomantion