Episode 178: Live Interview with Mazen Aloul

You can never please everybody. You just need to deliver everything you could to the best of your abilities.

Mazen Aloul is the founder and CEO of WebQuest SEO, a marketing agency based in Dubai specializing in both English and Arabic SEO. A Business Network International (BNI) member, Mazen likes to work with and help out fellow entrepreneurs.

You need to snap out of working in the business to working on the business, and you need to do this with people you trust.

On this episode, we talk about how Mazen got his start in the SEO world, his motivations to keep growing his business, and other discussion points helpful for starting entrepreneurs:

  • building a supportive community of fellow business owners
  • participating in business incubators and mentorship programs
  • how to deal with letting go of a client and more

You can connect with Mazen in the following platforms:

WebQuest SEO: https://www.webquestseo.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mazen-aloul/?originalSubdomain=ae
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mazenaloul?lang=en