Episode 171: Live Interview with Chris Porteous

Having to go through challenges in the beginning is a great way to test the waters and see if this is for me.

Chris Porteous has a unique blend of experience working in finance, marketing, and SEO. Early in his career, he has worked for Goldman Sachs and UBS Securities. Now he runs his own businesses as founder and director of My SEO Sucks and Framestr.

If you’re known for doing good work and putting time in to constantly learn, those opportunities are going to come up naturally and more often than you expect.

In this episode, Chris shares with us his journey as an entrepreneur, finding his knack for business at a young age and dealing with the challenges of being a beginner entrepreneur. He touches on the importance of the following and more:

  • Managing your scope of work and learning to say no
  • Sharing knowledge with your team in a simple way
  • Building strong processes and workflows
  • Fostering good relationships within your business community

You can connect with Chris through

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-porteous-9594323
Website: https://myseosucks.com/