Episode 167: How To Optimize Your Landing Page And Bring In Customers That Convert!

You have a landing page for your business. But is it working for you? If potential customers are landing on your website but that page isn’t coverting, it means you need to update that page! Spending a little time on your landing pages to make them better can increase your ROI and increase your conversion rates. If you follow these simple tips, your landing pages will start bringing in new leads without much work on your end. And then you can sit back and let the customers come to you; the dream!

Roger: Welcome to Local SEO Today. I’m Roger Murphy.

John: And I’m John Vuong.

Roger: We wanna welcome you to our podcast today. We are talking to entrepreneurs and business owners. With regards to their website…how to make that, any page we’ve got, John, convert better and turn into customers.

John: Yeah, and I…I think the key here is how to optimize your landing page so that you can attract the best clients, your ideal customers, that will convert to…you know, people who are looking online to convert to real customers.

Roger: Yep, and do a quick click.

John: Do a quick click.

Roger: Yeah.

John: Exactly. What you wanna do is get to the point. Make it very easy so that whoever lands on that landing page, it could be your service page, your home page, or an ad campaign page, they get what they’re looking for, ingested, then they’re gonna do something with that information.

Roger: Exactly. For example, we do a lot of service-based businesses, and I mean, half of businesses are service-based businesses but service-based businesses want to get across the message very quickly of. Here’s what we offer and we can get it to you quickly. So whether it is fast turn around, within two hours service, if you’re…appliance repair company, or move- last minute movers, they can help you get a move, if you- if you got some sense of…there’s a problem, so to speak but those attention grabbing headlines answer the question and/or find that needed fill up, right away in the first line.

John: Exactly, and it could be 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Roger: Sure.

John: Service offering, right?

Roger: Yup.

John: Call today or want to hit 800 number but make sure your telephone number is at the top right hand corner, and of your website, and throughout your website, on every single page.

Roger: Exactly. That used to not happen and I…you probably seen, you…you watch this podcast today. You probably experience over the years, your website, you like what you see, you wanna call them but you can’t find the phone number, it’s buried somewhere at the bottom of the page, or the next page, or another page. So that’s what a tip and a trick to take away today. Make sure every page has a phone number or call-to-action.

John: And what’s also important today is…depending on the demographics that you’re going after, but social media becomes more, more vitable, right? So ensuring that your optimizing your social media page, claiming it, and actually links out to that social media page,

Roger: Sure.

John: …on your website. So it could be a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, whatever may be. Make sure that it’s properly optimized and it actually leads out to you…from your website.

Roger: Fantastic.

John: And then there’s also headlines.

Roger: Yes.

John: Very important as well because like you mention, these are attention grabbing messages that you wanna hit to people who are looking for your services, right? So what are the key messages you wanna bring out to them.

Roger: Exactly. Because consumers, anyone…we all do it when we’re consumers. We’re looking for value for the money we’re gonna spend so you see a headline saying, “Service today, or within three hours. No minimum service charge.” Whatever it is, you start to feel better about. “Okay, this company, I know I can get to them, they’re not gonna be exorbitantly expensive because they’re saying, they’re not, they don’t- they don’t put some sort of minimum number of hours have to come around, book some service call.” So if you can get that message and alleviate that fear of…you know, “if I call them, they are gonna be too expensive.” Make it easy to say, “We’re accessible, and we’re- we have good value for our services.”

John: Yeah, so it’s also very imperative that throughout that landing page you have, some social proof, right? Because people wanna see what some of the other…you know, some of the existing customers, or previous customers.

Roger: Sure.

John: …have gone through and…having case studies…reviews, or video testimonials, just to solidify that…that new prospect, to engage in…for the communication is important.

Roger: Yep. And this is right on the homepage and that’s what we’re referred to also, above the fold so if on that…when they see, they see your- your caption across the top, or call-to-action. But if you have social proof there, right away, it sorts of answers that question, John, doesn’t it? They don’t go searching for more reviews about it, John.

John: Exactly. Make it easy for the customers so if you’d- you don’t have the click-to-call button, which is telephone number, make sure there’s a form for people to fill out so they can input your telephone number, business name, contact information, and you know, email address. Right?

Roger: Exactly.

John: So make it easy for the user, right? And speak to your audience which means the content should be very easy, and simple, and laid out properly…so that it’s the user experience is…you know, easy. Right?

Roger: Clears up, here’s a tip and a trick today. One thing you can do to your website today is enlarge your phone number in a starburst, change the colour of it. Every study that’s shown that it increases the call- the call-to-action by…like 20 percent. So just enlarging, making it even bolder to see, makes the difference.

John: Yeah, exactly, and the good thing about landing pages, or service pages, or website is..test, and research, and monitor, and track, right? To see what works and what doesn’t because one…one thing will not consistently work all the time. It’s always good to AB test or have different landing pages for different purposes.

Roger: Sure

John: …see what results you get, right?

Roger: Yep.

John: Especially if you’re running a different ad campaign, as well, right? You have different service product, offerings, right? So it’s always good to test certain things, see what works, what doesn’t, and you may like it really well but your audience may not really like it, right?

Roger: It could be as simple as 50 percent off versus a 500 dollar coupon. Just- just try different ways.

John: Different offers..

Roger: Different ways that people can…they’ll react to it, they’ll respond to it, and then you can do your test and see which one is more powerful.

John: Yeah, colours, font size. Play around with a lot of things: positioning, different sizes, bolding certain things, background colour. There’s a lot of things on a website, or landing page that you can actually do to test..

Roger: Yep.

John: And see what will work better versus not work better.

Roger: And at the end of the day, the truth is that, everyone is busy, everyone’s got a limited amount of time. They’re gonna make a decision quickly so if you answer all these…these questions, right on the homepage, right off the bat, you have much higher chance of converting into a phone call, or an email, or a visit to your store.

John: Exactly. A lead, right?

Roger: A lead.

John: So that’s great. I mean…I really like that, thanks a lot Roger.

Roger: Thanks a lot, John. I appreciate your expertise in this, and thank you for sharing your wealth, and knowledge today. Thank you for watching Local SEO Today. We’ll see you again.

John: Thank you.