Episode 166: How to Manage your Online Reputation to Bring in New Customers!

Your online reputation is more important than ever right now. Users are searching online for your business every day! What are they seeing? You need to make sure that your online reputation speaks for itself. Potential customers are making decisions about your business without ever interacting with you. In this episode we will outline some simple techniques you can utilize to make sure your online reputation is inviting and puts your best foot forward!

Roger: Welcome to Local SEO today! I’m Roger Murphy.

John: And I’m John Vuong.

Roger: Today we wanted to talk to business owners and entrepreneurs with respect to Google, Bing, Yahoo, your online persona, your online reputation. John, it’s so important, right, in terms of you run a business, the world today everyone expects to and they wanna see reviews about businesses but that’s your reputation you’re gonna protect it.

John: Exactly! And traditionally it used to be just reference letters, right? But today everyone expects reviews or testimonials, case studies, white papers, video testimonials. So how do you ensure that what’s out there and consumed by your potential customers or what is accurate , is truthful, and what you want to be displayed in out there, right? For people to see.

Roger: And the truth is people are always talking so you’ve got to do the research yourself or you’ve got to have someone in your company monitor to see what’s being said about you out there in the online world.

John: Yeah, so the first thing is claiming your different pages so that you can have control over either writing a comment back or challenging the review itself. So, understanding the guidelines of whatever platforms people are writing these reviews on and what needs to be done to ensure you get more quality reviews as well as fixing any of the ones that are negative that might have you know harmed your business.

Roger: Yes. A tip and trick I like to bring up right away is that I highly recommend that business owners respond to both any type of review, positive and/or negative. You don’t let them go, you respond. It just shows that you’re being professional, you’re being responsive and it’s very very important you know technique and something important to make sure you control the message about your company.

John: And another thing is keep it consistent on constantly reminding your staff or yourself to ask for reviews and do not be biased upon that. What I mean by that is do not only ask your great clients to write reviews, you need to ask all clients so that it’s unbiased and you make it a habit so that people can— you build your reputation out there, right? So the number of review matters as well as the type of reviews, right? the people will sift through and read reviews.

Roger: And the reality is you, we, as business owners and people in society, you’re never going to satisfy 100 percent of the people. A five-star review on Google is the highest level. If you have a hundred and fifty or two hundred five star reviews, it’s not reality because Google knows, we all know that there is, there’ll be situations that you were dealing with other human beings so the idea of you’re gonna have some negative, negative ones in there, people actually expect to see but what they do want to see, John, is how, you, as business owner respond a negative one instead.

John: Exactly. So continue making it a habit to ask for reviews but also comment and respond to every single review, right?

Roger: Exactly. If it’s a positive one, Sorry. Thank them for doing business with you. If it’s a not so flowery positive one, say we take all of our—-we take our service level seriously, please contact our office directly, I’d like to deal with this and talk to you about this. So it just shows as you say John, being consistent to reach out and make sure that you have a chance to solve any situation.

John: And make it timely as well. So don’t wait for months or years to pass by. Be as proactive as possible. So, within the day or couple of days or hours if possible, right? So when you claim your different pages like BBB, Google My Business, your Facebook, or Yelp, Directories, Yellow Pages, Home Stars, different sites, you will be flagged or notified when there’s a review on that site. That gives you, you know more ability to actually go in and make that comment or challenge that review if it’s not a real client or whatever their guidelines are. So it’s very important to really just be in control, right? of your reputation and make it a habit because if you’re not doing it, probably your competitors have already started doing it, and you’re already behind.

Roger: And what we’re talking about being professional it means you don’t wanna argue with someone online, what you wanted and you don’t wanna go back and forth what he said she said or they’re supposed to come for an appointment, they let me down. What you wanna do is just take ownership of it but if you’ve got a story, you’ve got another side of the story, just always reach out publicly and say we wanna speak to you personally by this, please reach out to our office, we’d like to talk to you about this situation. It just shows you’re being proactive and being responsible.

John: Yeah, and we’re on a good business, right? Like ultimately people who can see that, they’ll read it and when they call you, they’ll know that, right? That who’s honest and who’s not. And if you’re transparent that way and authentic, they will either wanna work with you or not.

Roger: Because it is absolutely true today. People expect to see reviews, consumers, anyone wants to see how you’ve done with other business owners. This was not available, you know, years ago. But, it is today, it is standard practice where people want to understand who they’re gonna be calling.

John: Exactly! So make it a habit. Get more reviews, make it a habit to comment on it, claim the pages, and just monitor. Just making sure you know what’s going on with your company, as well as your competitors. And because there’s a lot of spam going on as well, there’re a lot of different issues so just being in control and being in the know of what’s going on with your business.

Roger: Exactly. And with all these reviews, it really does, John, to your point, it somewhat is a self-fulfilling situation where you’ve got to run a good business. If you run a good business, you’re going to get great reviews, that it just—that’s what happens. If you don’t run a good business, you’re going to be getting poor reviews over and over again and that will end up hurting your business so it just behooves us all to run good businesses.

John: Exactly! Well, thanks a lot, Roger.

Roger: Well, John. Thank you for your time today and thanks to everyone for watching Local SEO Today. See you again!

John: Thank you.