Episode 162: How Finding your Ideal Customer can Make or Break your Business

When you first start a new business, most business owners have cited that they will take on any customer. You’re trying to build a foundation of clients and also trying to make ends meet. But as your company grows, it’s important to start focusing on who exactly your ideal customer is. Which customer type lets you do what you love the most? Which customer type benefits the most from your business? Understanding this archetype will help you frame your marketing objectives so that you can speak directly to your idea customer. Not all customers are good customers. This episode will help you understand just how important finding your perfect customer is and how to do it!

Roger: Welcome to Local SEO Today. I’m Roger Murphy.

John: And I’m John Vuong.

Roger: We wanna welcome entrepreneurs and business owners today to our podcast. Today’s topic John, we wanna talk on the idea of new business owners or entrepreneurs or maybe even young business businesses where the business owner is needing to understand who their ideal customer is. But the deal is, John, you need to make sure you align your business, your services, with your optimal customer to fill their needs.

John: Exactly. And understanding that bio persona, right? Which is who is that person and their ideal traits, services, income, gender. It could be a lot of factors, right? But put that person in where you wanna cater all your, you know. Focus should be trying to mold into that ideal person that should be buying your product.

Roger: Exactly. And it depends, it always depends on your type of business. But let’s say you’re a service-based business, there could be factors that you need to understand of what may, why will they do business with you. Could be ahh prices, you are bringing better pricing to the marketplace or, John, maybe, it’s faster turnaround in terms of more service trucks are being available more often. These are the things that a business owner needs to uncover us to…if they’re gonna do business with me versus another company next door. Why do business with me?

John: And it is very difficult when you’re just starting off because you don’t know who your ideal customer is. You might not have enough clients to really understand it, but if you’ve been in the industry for at amount of years, you’ve been doing this and you gotta have a mode as to “I know who I wanna go after”. Let’s put that profile together, figure that out and then start writing for that person. So making your website, cater that website with proper content to hit those type of people that are, that persona.

Roger: That’s right, and which one comes first, is it you, you’re gonna obviously adjust your services, your pricing, your products. Then you’re gonna make sure it reflects with your website and it’ll be back and forth and as any business, the word is, maybe it’s overused today John. But pivoting, in terms of you, you’re going to certain direction but if you see things aren’t going the certain way for your business and you realize “I’ve gotta change my service offerings or my product offerings”. You gotta pivot, you gotta adjust to the needs of your perfect customer.

John: Exactly. And adjusting your website is a lot harder than trying to adjust for an ad campaign. So for instance, it might be worth it to do a little survey or a little test, dry run, to throw some money and to—-like throw some money into facebook ads or google ads and see, create a little ad profiles and personas to go after your type of demographics and niche, right? Once you have that and see if there’s attraction then you may wanna invest on creating additional content, and change your content around for your main website to go after that because you know those are the types of clients you wanna go after.

Roger: And there’s, there’s so many things you can do. You can also deal, dealing with customers or even if you don’t win the job, or wins, whatever it is, you can actually ask them “what was the compelling decision on your part that made you choose one company over my company or another company”? And you, what you do is you learn from that and you find, oh, oh it was…I don’t have enough technicians, or you don’t have enough in-stock inventory, or you weren’t available on weekend when I needed you. Whatever, if you can understand what is important to your business customer, here’s that word John, pivot, you could decide internally saying you know what I’ve gotta change my offerings, change the business, and then also make sure it reflects on your website because the website will now be your first contact for the next customer.

John: Exactly, and making sure that you really understand who your customers are, the ones that are paying you, right? The ones that you feel as your best client because you, running a business and if you’ve been doing it for a while, you know who your best clients are, right? How do you get more of those best clients, and most people would tell me that I get it through referrals, well even through referrals, some of them might not refer you those best type of clients, right? You want those best clients that, you know, that would continue paying you top dollars with you know, and you basically just converse with them, right? And you get to build more of a deeper relationship outside of just a product service. Let’s say, off of the offering that you’re offering.

Roger: So, it’s an ongoing process, in any business, in terms of where you start out. And ,John, you did it yourself, every business owner does it. You take anything when you’re first, when you’re first in business. So you, every type of customer, you’ll take them all and then as time progresses, as you become more professional, and you become expert in certain parts, of a technique, or product, or service, or parts of the city that you work, you start to fine tune your offerings so that you get more of what you’re looking to work at. So, you become more particular in terms when you do business.

John: Exactly. And then you could position yourself as a leading expert to go after that specific persona, right? And the longer you’re in business, the more I guess, savvy you become and knowing who you wanna deal with and work with.

Roger: Exactly.

John: Right? And then you get to a really good situation where you’re able to pick and choose who you wanna work with, right? But when you’re first starting, you don’t even know who your ideal customer is. You might have to do a lot of different ad campaigns and, you know, win and lose some clients before you realize who you want to be as a business, right? Figure that out but really talk to your customers, get to know them, see what they like, what they don’t like about your services or if they’ve tried others, why they prefered to move to you, right? So ask questions, probe, get to learn more about your customers and why they’re doing business with you.

Roger: Because, really, at the end of the day, it’s not, you might think it’s all about price but really it isn’t, it really is. It really comes down to the value in terms of what you charge for what you’re offering so you might have a way better value proposition for these. You know, for these customers. So it’s something that it’s gonna go back and forth and you’ll, it’s continual, you’ll always want to be learning. What’s important to why are you with us, why do we not get the business from you, so you can take that and you know, move forward.

John: Exactly. Well, now that’s great. Thanks a lot Roger.

Roger: John, thanks for your time, and thanks for watching.We’ll see you again at Local SEO Today.

John: Thank you.