Episode 160: Why No Reputable SEO Company Would Guarantee Page 1 Rankings

You’re looking for SEO services and see a company that guarantees you page 1 rankings. That’s what everyone wants when they start an SEO campaign. However, sometimes if it sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is! If a company is guaranteeing you page one rankings, ask yourself why. No reputable SEO company will ever guarantee rankings. Google is forever changing their algorithm and the changes they make an unpredictable. For this reason and many more, steer clear of SEO companies that promise you too much! Listen to learn more about why this is a red flag and what you really should be looking for instead!

Roger: Welcome to Local SEO Today. I’m Roger Murphy,

John: And I’m John Vuong.

Roger: Today in our podcast we want to talk to business owners and all entrepreneurs really that are interested in this world of SEO and Google, ranking on Google and the idea John, of they get contacted all the time from different businesses that offer these services and some might say I want to guarantee, the business owner wants to guarantee or the agency that says we guarantee. Let’s talk about guarantees in Google.

John: Yeah, so you know starting this agency about seven years ago I was under the impression that locally there weren’t really many solid reputable companies, right? And at that time I was actually contacted by a lot of foreign country…companies and also you know local companies that guaranteed results quickly, right? The challenge was they were not Google themselves, right? So how do you guarantee ranking or placement without being the parent company, the owner of the company, right? So you know you have to…as a business owner people are easily convinced or swayed based on pricing, right? But when you start a conversation and a business relationship with an SEO firm the first thing you probably need to do is give them full access to your website, your hosting and cpanel access so by guaranteeing and signing a contract with some of that. Guarantees you’re giving them full access and therefore you might not want to give access right away to a company that does guarantee and…

Roger: Well to your point, John really there are no guarantees so that is…I think the big picture that Google warns against it because it’s unethical. There’s so many changes on a daily basis of Google. They’re changing their algorithms all the time. The message is for you to take away today, watch this podcast that there are no guarantees with Google. There are not because there’s too many changes going on all the time so that’s something if anyone offers or says it,” I guarantee something.” You got to go the other way because the truth is there are no guarantees.

John: And even rankings themselves, right? Like being on the first page is where you want to be. And as long as you have content that converts in the title tag, description on that home page of Google people are gonna navigate and click somewhere on that first page so don’t get too caught up with being number one but really focus on convertible traffic and generating more visibility to you.

Roger: And I know you’re probably wondering, “Well, okay I need to get to page one or get high ranking. But if people can’t guarantee, well what do I do? How do I get there? How do I get near there?” Well, there is a formula and it’s actually Google puts it out and you can actually google it but there’s over 200 criteria John, of factors that Google is watching on any website, they’re watching right now. How long people are spending on a site? How fast the site loads? If there’s fresh content coming in? If there’s what’s called links coming in from other reputable sources? There’s so many these things going on but you as a business owner as long as you understand that if you get a reputable company that make sure that you understand that things are not guaranteed for, you know you can’t guarantee placement but if you do answer the criteria that Google wants you will earn the trust and authority in Google’s eyes and move up those rankings and at the end of the day you’ll get a good convertible quality leads coming into your business.

John: And people get so caught up with ranking versus actual traffic that converts, right? Because what we really focus on is more visibility. The more people can see you and search you out and find your business, there’s other metrics that are more important and for a business owner you really need to focus on what’s gonna move the needle and turn into revenue and sales. That’s what you should really be focusing on. Is this campaign gonna pay enough to pay it off and also generate me X amount of times what you’re paying for your return on investment. That should be your main sole metric versus a company that guarantees first page ranking because another thing that to really remember is a keyword research and keyword volume because if someone guarantees something it’s probably a low-hanging fruit keyword that might have one search a month or once a year, right? Which means how many of those search volume will actually convert to a real customer?

Roger: For example in the world… in the industry let’s say for dentistry you could have Midtown dentists or a dentist, a downtown dentist whatever city you’re in but when and that’s a very because I …what that means is the location driven someone is downtown in that city looking for a dentist but if you see that…that’s a better quality but how about a term and I’ve seen this happen. Downton Periodontal Clinic Specialist that is such a long obscure term you might go, “Well, it is something that I offer.” But if there’s no search volume on it, it is not helping your business growth so the idea is if someone is throwing a guaranteed you say I guarantee I can get that term ranked in the number of days it’s because no one’s searching for it and it’s much easier to rank for something that no one’s going there. So it’s you want… at the end of the day the story is you need a reputable company that will lay out everything transparently for you to say, “Here’s just some great search terms we’ve researched for you, for your industry. Here’s the indications for traffic that are coming in on the web field and we’re gonna convert for you.

John: And as much as you know your business we have a lot of tools and software that can actually understand what Google batches those phrases together and terms that you should be going after so for instance all these services in dental like teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, Invisalign or you know veneers whatever maybe these are great terms but what are actually people typing in for your regional local market, right? These are the terms and variations that we can go after for you like the semantic keywords, variations and we do a lot of conversion copyright, keyword mapping to really understand how users are searching for you so that they can actually find your business and that will actually convert to a real customer.

Roger: So we understand and I understand the anxiousness of a business owner that wants something done fast. How quick? When? When? That’s the number one question I get asked but the truth is…it’s a process and it’s not something over two and three months. It’s a multi-year ongoing process to keep your position, keep your trust and authority status with Google to keep your website ranking high because that is the very best place to have your kind of your business website shop and that is high ranking for these good search terms but I understand people want things fast but that’s not the way it works.

John: Yeah, we live in this society today where everyone wants things immediately more than yesterday and social media is allowing for that kinda I like this I’m gonna go buy this and I’m gonna follow something or I’m gonna share something but we have to remember people or if it’s a larger purchase or if it’s a long-term relationship that’s what you want to position yourself to be as well, right? And SEO is very similar where we want to partner with business owners that have a mindset of growing their business assembly without these huge peaks and valleys. And we want to you know, be transparent that way because there’s gonna be changes in Google algorithm as long as you follow their ethical best practices we will be on the right track every month, every year.

Roger: Exactly, so when someone comes to you and I know you get business owners are getting multiple calls a day, a week saying this is Google push one or you know we can help you get rank number one. You want to make sure you go with a reputable company that offers references from other work that they’ve done from other clientele with case studies so put the challenge out there and as a business owner, John they need to understand that it is not quick fix. It is a process almost like a farmer planning his crop. You don’t get to harvest crop early, you need to nurture it, let it grow and improve and grow and flourish so that’s what we work we do here in Local SEO Search.

John: Well, I really appreciate that talk Roger thank you.

Roger: Thank you for watching today we’ll see you again at Local SEO Today.

John: Thank you.