Episode 149: Live Interview with Jeff Weisebein

It’s about learning as you go and the only way to do that is to mess up.

Jeff Weisbein is the founder of BestTechie, a company he actually started when he was just 13! He has worked to build it into a digital media company and leads a team to create content and interview various executives about their stories. Jeff is also the founder of KYA, an audience insights platform that helps publishers understand and track their audiences.

If you’re not doing something you’re passionate about, at some point your fire is going to burn out.

Being a business owner since his teen years has given Jeff some amazing experience in growing your company and handling business decisions. We touched on all of that and more in our discussion, like:

  • Finding your purpose in business
  • The importance of sharing your content
  • Learning as you go
  • Overcoming mistakes in business
  • Why you shouldn’t be the smartest person in the room

If you want to learn more about Jeff, click the links below.

Website: https://www.besttechie.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jeffweisbein
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffweisbein/