Episode 148: How To Avoid Entrepreneur Burnout

We hear all the stories about hustling as an entrepreneur. And it’s true. Being an entrepreneur is hard. It takes a lot of work and a lot of long hours. It can be glorified in the business world. But it isn’t always as good as it seems. Working long hours for months on end can lead to entrepreneur burnout. Listen to find out how you can avoid it. With a few simple tips you can continue to work on your business and help it grow without hindering your own well-being!

Roger: Welcome to Local SEO Today. I’m Roger Murphy.

John: And I’m John Vuong.

Roger: We wanna walk you to this podcast. John, today let’s talk about, it’s a good topical topic today everyone has stress and everyone there’s goals and aspirations but there’s a burnout factor. So entrepreneurs, you’re one, I have been one, where do we sit with how to avoid the entrepreneur burnout.

John: Yeah. I mean you took on this adventure and journey, right? So you chose this on yourself and to have a burnout, I mean you shouldn’t, but it happens and you should feel like there’s a threshold you have to understand why you’re burning out and how you could prevent it.

Roger: Yeah, Could it be, these entrepreneurs that are here, let’s say they’ve been doing it for a year or two, is it good to maybe get back to why you got into the business in the first place trying to recalibrate. This is why I am doing it because if it has to be, can’t just be with money, John, right? It’s gotta be you’re doing for better purpose or higher purpose to serve others. Help your business, help your family but it’s just serve others.

John: But you also have to give a timeline as well, right? Because you can’t stay committed if you have other things that are necessities that are falling behind especially you have your family commitments, right? You got a supportive family and provide for your family, right? So the first thing we wanna talk about is really to identify why you’re burning out. What’s the reason why you’re burning out. Is it the sales not getting there? Are you spending week to be hours doing certain tasks that you shouldn’t be?

Roger: Administrative tasks or getting caught in a non-productive thing

John: Are you frustrated with certain things that you’re devoting way too much time and not getting things done properly, right? Something must be causing you to burnout and there are factors, right? So you got to narrow down to what are those factors and try to resolve that.

Roger: Yup. And because of what I mentioned, stress. Stress is everywhere in life and sometimes stress is a good thing. It is actually good for the human being, but the idea is in terms of this to avoid burnout. Everything in life is really on three pillars and what I’ve heard is John probably you’ve got to read this too but the reality is this, you’ve got your work, you’ve got your community, you’ve got your family in no particular order. Family, probably, most important but your family, community, your work, those three pillars—-all have to be in balance. When they’re out of balance, for example let’s say you’re burning out, or you know you’re feeling it, is it because you’re not spending quality time or downtime or other time with the family or doing things in the community.

John: Yeah, like some if you’re devoting 18-hour days with your work, how much time do you have to sleep. If you have family, take care of each other.

Roger: Take care of yourself.

John: If you have hobbies and activities…

Roger: Eat well, sleep, rest.

John: You need a lifestyle too, right? So you gotta keep that in mind because you have to ultimately brought this on to yourself. Like you want to be an entrepreneur so you gotta either suck it up and deal with it, figure things out or you know figure out what is the bottleneck and resolve that in little pieces.

Roger: Yeah, or look at the priorities. Make sure that they’re all aligned with the reason and the whys you’re in business to begin with, so just, maybe reset them. But it is true if you’re not getting enough rest, if you’re not eating well, you’re not exercising, those wear you down also and if you’re just getting up and driving that vehicle or going back to the business and you’re there from morning ’til night, these you know, this means you’re a whack.

John: Exactly! So the second thing I wanna talk about is to start to actually say “No” to certain things, right? Because as an entrepreneur, you probably will take on every job even though you may not know how to do certain things. So, then you have to either find someone or learn how to do it or figure things out, right? Although it may sound good and you’re taking on new challenges,are you equipped to do that?

Roger: Exactly. And it’s almost like you want to listen to your body, if you’re not getting enough rest but you’ve been invited for another great something event or whether it is some party, you know you’ve gotta get out and go to work the next day and you need your rest so if you’ll learn and listen to your body, that’s how you say no to some of these things so that everything you know is in alignment, yeah.

John: Yeah, And really focus on why you’re doing this in the first place, right? What was your major goal and mission at the beginning, like why did you start this venture?

Roger: Sure.

John: Right? If the journey is right, because, you know, yes you’re gonna make mistakes, you’re gonna learn from it but are you still having fun?

Roger: It’s right. Maybe, and that’s the next point but maybe they said that you, we set unrealistic expectations, meaning you set targets of “Hey! I anticipate I’m gonna be in this sales level”, this profit level, I’m gonna be, you know, expanding on multiple locations whatever that is in a timeline that’s just not as realistic. So you put stress on yourself and all of a sudden you’re getting burned out because for no reason, other than you originally set unrealistic expectations, you’re now feeling the pressure on yourself.

John: Exactly. So really set your realistic expectations and really, even though that you don’t hit them, it’s an achievement altogether like you’re still an entrepreneur, you’re still living the dream of your own boss, right? So, always focus on the positives and not so much on the negatives, right? Enjoy the experience, the journey, right?

Roger: And to avoid this burnout, maybe relook at it,we talked about this in some of our previous podcast, John. Know your numbers. So, no here’s my breakeven, here’s my, you know, here’s where I need to be. After you’ve done that, pat yourself on the back that hey I’m hitting my targets. I hit it again this month and not beat yourself up to say well I had set this target but it wasn’t it was unrealistic now that I look at the competition, I look into the economy, I look at the seasonality, other factors all that there’s always more factors. So give yourself that break, give yourself a break in terms of making sure that you didn’t set expectations that are essential for failure.

John: Exactly. So the next thing we wanna talk about is really putting time, set aside time for yourself as well, right? Because as an entrepreneur you wanna do everything all the time and may mean you have to, especially early on, but soon you have to realize that you need breaks, you need sleep, you need time to actually let your brain rest.

Roger: That’s right. Spend time with family.

John: Exactly!

Roger: Do some community work because that balance, if it’s out of alignment, that’s what’s going to cause you stress and cause you to get the burnout factor.

John: And have fun, right? Like working is great if you really enjoy it but also if you have family and commitments and you know friends and hobbies and you used to enjoy it, well this is a perfect time to actually do that as well, right? So, don’t just overly commit yourself on work. What’s like to work, right? Enjoy it, right? Have fun . And maybe that means once a month go on a weekend getaway or once every couple of months do that, right? Go on a family vacation or whatever it may be because that allows you to really not think about work for a period of time, right? It helps you recalibrate.

Roger: And then and the next one, the point we’re talking about, is about creating time for yourself again. You can call it a hobby, a passion project but it is very simple. If we’ve been to seminars as we’ve seen, John. Then talk about you, look your calendar, preset, you block it or that’s my block in time either for my family, my child, my, you know. It’s a personal time, a passion project, a hobby, whatever that is to get your mind off work because that will make you stronger and healthier when you come back to work.

John: Exactly. And when you start doing that allocating time for certain things like in the morning I’m great at creating blogs or I’m great at reading because my mind is fully rested and I’m very aware, that’s when you should do the things that are very productive, right? Allocate time and then later in the afternoon, things kind of slow down so maybe that’s when you wanna go to the gym for now, right? And then you know in the evening, that’s when I want to spend time with my family.

Roger: That’s it. You wanna get out, get some fresh air. Step away from the computer. Step away from whatever and you know again just de-stress for a minute or for few minutes on something other than work.

John: And time management, right? And once you have good balanced lifestyle, everything will be—-you’ll feel it. You’ll be much more happier. Your family will be a lot happier, your friends will be happier, you’re gonna be enjoying life more.

Roger: You’ll be able to take on anything because it is true in business, things, some happens. It’s just how you react to how it happens. If you rested, and you’ve got a great mental attitude or positive mental attitude, you can handle everything.

John: Exactly! There’s gonna be bumps in the road as an entrepreneur, there’s gonna be negativity, there’s gonna be a lot of setbacks, it’s how you deal with it, really. And if you’re positive and you, you know, karma as well, I totally believe in it like you’re putting good vibes out there, you eventually get it in return, right? So just focus on why you’re in business, focus on your ultimate goal like yeah, you want to be successful, what does success mean to you, right?

Roger: Focus on the pillars to make sure that you’ve got some personal care. Take time taking care of yourself, take care of your community, take care of family, business. When it’s all in balance then everything goes well.

John: Exactly.

Roger: So John this is a very good topic today. I hope you, the one, the viewer today watching this or listening to our podcast, pick up even a one or two tips or tricks. We hope the best for you and wish the best in your success. John thank you.

John: Thank you.

Roger: See you again at Local SEO Today.

John: Thank you.