Episode 141: How Can you Create A Call to Action that Converts?

You know that having a call to action on all of your landing pages is critical. It’s what tells your customers or potential clients what to do. But not all call to actions are made equal. How do you make your call to action stand out and convert your traffic into leads? Listen to this episode and discover how to create the best call to actions that will grow your business and put your website to work for you.

Roger: Welcome to Local SEO Today. I’m Roger Murphy.

John: And I’m John Vuong.

Roger: We want to welcome you today to our podcast. We want to thank Kayla Claus, she’s our technical advisor today. She’s working the cameras, and the audio, and post-audio so thank you Kayla, I had a time. John, we want to talk today to entrepreneurs and business owners regarding the website…regarding the websites in- if you have a website, what you really are looking to do is to introduce yourself and…grab customers. The customers mean money to your business, hopefully you got a good product and a good value proposition but there are ways to increase that response on your website.

John: Yeah so what we’re going to talk about is really five ways to really increase your call-to-action, right? ‘Cause ultimately, the website is for that purpose of generating leads or sales, right? So it is a very good marketing tool when done right.

Roger: Yes.

John: But you have to fine-tune it, you got to optimize it so when people do land on your website, you get them to take that action. Let it be, make a phone call, email you…

Roger: Yes.

John: …make a purchase, or add it to a shopping cart. Make it very easy so that people can actually do those things, right?

Roger: There was a time, not that many years ago, John, that websites… people weren’t thinking that, “I should have a phone number prominent on every page.” It was buried at the bottom on page three and…today it seems quite funny but in fact that’s exactly what happen. There were…there was a time where the call-to-action was virtually non-existent.

John: Yeah.

Roger: So we’re smarter today…you know, web developers and designers, we know who speaks to our clients. It’s all about that call-to-action, make it… easy for the customers to get in touch with you.

John: Yeah so the first thing we’re going to talk about is really to make it sell it out.

Roger: Yeah.

John: Right? Make it pop.

Roger: Your phone number…

John: Yes.

Roger: …your email address, whatever it is, make it pop.

John: So it could be different colour, different font, different size…you know, and even placement of where, right? So within your website, you know… where within…will get you the best kind of visual…representation, right?

Roger: Exactly. And it is true, the larger the number, the brighter the number, there’s lots of statistics and you can do these testing, you can test AB testing, and see which ones… people respond to better but the reality is a larger phone number in colour…will generate more calls than a smaller phone number that isn’t easily be found.

John: Exactly.

Roger: Yeah.

John: So that’s the first thing, just make it stand out. The second point is, where should you place it? And what we believe is, again, what Roger mentioned, put it on every single page. Not just…one place within your page, now put it on the…header, on the footer, and throughout your entire page, right? On the right hand side, as a…widget or whatever may be, multiple places, multiple sizes, and make sure that there’s multiple call-to-actions, right?

Roger: Sure.

John: So it’s easy for people to just click and… you know, call, email, make a purchase.

Roger: Exactly. And the strategy is, I mean if you think of it…a website, when you open up the page, it’s called being above-the-fold so above the fold is the top part. Yes, you can scroll down and look down at the bottom but above the fold, and frankly, below the fold, to your point John, that call-to-action should be visible at the top, nice and bright, and should be also at the bottom, there’s scroll down. And if they go to a different page, no matter where they are, being above the fold, that they never have to start gamboling and looking for your phone number.

John: Exactly.

Roger: …or your email so.

John: So the third thing we’re going to talk about is making sure you’re using the right language, right? What I mean by that is…you know, when people either see that telephone number, maybe just having a thing that says, “call now”, right? Or if someone wants to email say, “email me today”, right? That little…couple of words will trigger an action.

Roger: Yes.

John: Right? And have that throughout your copy or somewhere within your body of the page, right? To initiate action, right? So it helps enhance and further the click-through rate.

Roger: Exactly, as well as just sit in there, when you tell people to call now, they’re going to go, “I guess I’ll call now” but it’s almost…the idea of this mediacy because when people are on your website, they have a need, it might be an emergency, a situation, it could be a life event, something is going on, who knows what? But why not make it super simple to say, “for service now, call this number.”

John: Yeah and if you’re a product page, “add to shopping cart.”

Roger: Yes.

John: …or “buy now”, or “purchase”, or “check out”, or whatever may be.

Roger: “Start shopping now”, yeah… “click here”, yeah.

John: Exactly. There’s so many different hyperlinks that you can use, right? Different terminology but it’s all about just generating more of that action.

Roger: Exactly.

John: Right? The fourth thing I want to talk about is really about that user intent and I know we always talk about that but really…hone down on what…can consider a good click-through, you know… call-to-action, right? Really, the user is your ultimate goal, right? To really persuade them to make- take that action.

Roger: Exactly. So if you have a product that you’re selling online, that’s a different call-to-action than you have a service that you’re offering, whether it’s a…you know, you’re a dental office, a legal firm, a tree service that helps…you know, do landscaping at your property. Those are service-based call-now actions but what if someone is buying your product? Just know your audience of what your- who you’re selling your services to.

John: Yeah and maybe on a blog page, your whole purpose is really to get them into your funnel of the newsletter.

Roger: Sure.

John: Right? So, “register to our newsletter” as a call-to-action, right? If it’s a product, again, “buy now” or “discount”, or whatever may be. A service could be, “email for more information” or “email for free consult.”

Roger: Exactly.

John: Right? So “download for a free…” you know, “report.”

Roger: Yeah.

John: Right? So just determine what is useful for your business, right? The last thing I want to mention is… testing it and experimenting because not one way will give you the best outcome.

Roger: That’s right and things change.

John: Things change, right?

Roger: They talk and even today…people entering into Google, into the search bar, what they’re putting today is different substantially than it was a year ago so they’re changing the way they search and what they’re looking for. Your page needs to evolve also.

John: Yeah so within your website, like you can try placement, different places, different size, different format…multiple places.

Roger: Starburst.Yeah.

John: Pop-up, see you name it, right? Banners…try different things and see what works, what doesn’t.

Roger: And that’s referred to as AB testing.

John: Exactly.

Roger: Test A page then test B page. Check them out, watch and look at your Google Analytics to see which one people are certainly responding to, right?

John: Yeah so the more call-to-actions you have throughout your website, the more likelihood someone will take that action.

Roger: Exactly.

John: And…make it so that it’s easy for them to make- take that action.

Roger: Exactly.

John: Don’t make it very difficult for the user.

Roger: Exactly and what it…many of this certainty, sometimes we’ve been at John, listening to the fall we use in this whole industry, they talk about success for your business is more phone calls, more emails, more appointment’s book, that’s what you want to do. And then…any call-to-action will help increase that…aspect of your business and increase your output.

John: Exactly.

Roger: Well John, thank you for your time today. I think there was some great tips here. Thank you for watching Local SEO Today, we’ll see you again.

John: Thank you.

Roger: Thank you.