Episode 135: 7 Content Marketing Mistakes You’re Making & How To Avoid Them!

Content marketing is such an important part of your SEO campaign and your online presence. But if you find that your content marketing isn’t giving you a return on your investment, you could be guilty of making these 7 mistakes! These common mistakes are easily avoidable and can help transform your local SEO campaign.

Roger: Welcome to Local SEO Today. I’m Roger Murphy.

John: And I’m John Vuong.

Roger: We want to welcome you to this podcast. John, we want to talk today about content marketing. It’s very important. It’s part of the marketing mix for businesses today and there’s the mistakes. We want to talk about seven mistakes that you need to avoid if you’re gonna do it well. Let’s talk about that.

John: Yeah, I think the first one that we’re going to talk about is…I think everyone does it not knowing that they do it and it’s really making sure that your content is not as promotional as they should be.

Roger: It should be informative. Informational as opposed to promotional.

John: Exactly, because everyone’s being sold something, right? So think about it the other way so…do people like getting sold anything like you as a user you want to be informed, you want to be educated, you want to have choice.

Roger: It’s right. They wanted discover and learn. So that’s what you want to do is you want to educate people as opposed to promoting something at them.

John: And position yourself as authoritative figure, expert. So the more credibility you have the better it is so the more you put out there you know, position yourself as the expert.

Roger: You almost want to think of it in terms of you hear this term, they’ve even written a movie or had a movie it’s called Pay it Forward. But giving something away of value. It’s information, you give that information away that actually become…may someone become you know, stickier with you and your business when they see that you know what they’re offering me quality ideas or information that I can use.

John: And really make it so that it feels like you actually care, right? Because when you start selling stuff or promoting stuff it’s so much of a sales pitch, right? It’s like car salesmen. People hate being sold, right? They want to be controlled, right? So the second thing is you aren’t providing value, right? So content marketing, what is the purpose of that content piece, right? What..why are you putting it out in the first one? Is it to position yourself as the expert?Giving something, a value information. Yes, you know some new study research something that has to be compelling enough for people to actually read.

Roger: Exactly, videos whatever it is… five ideas on how to whatever product or service you have. Providing information, education to them that they can take away with you.

John: So make sure that they can…like speak to your audience, right? You know who your users are and your customers. So speak directly to them and even maybe find out what kind of content pieces they’re looking to…want from you, right? And then write something for them.

Roger: Exactly and once you’ve done this content that next mistake a lot of people do is when they put it up there John, it’s not easy to share so it’s there but when you want to amplify that message and have somebody pass around your message which is what you want. You’re not making it easy to do that.

John: Yeah so how engaging is it and how do you amplify it? Ao are you currently having a comment session on content piece or is there a share buttons on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter you know, your LinkedIn profile. There’s a lot of places that people can you know, share your article and the fourth thing is really not having your content piece long enough so people really you know, should really put a lot of time and effort in making sure that it is well researched content that brings value to your audience.

Roger: As opposed to just a few lines or a few paragraphs. It’s not engaging enough and it’s not memorable enough, memorable I should say so that’s the idea yes, longer well written, it’s got good content, substance.

John: Substance. It’s very similar to you know, articles in a newspaper and magazine. Well-researched, people spend a lot of hours putting that together, right? Doing a lot of surveys and interviews to put that piece together, right? So what you’re planning on doing is again it’s not easy to create content so the more information that you gather, the more hard work it is to have quotes from certain people, pulling data from certain sources or creating your own survey and data the more you put into it the better, more rewarding it is, right?

Roger: One of the next mistake which ties in with this is really…is it grammatically correct? If it’s not for grammar that weakens it. It’s just not as impactful when people read your content and if it’s got mistakes in it and spelling mistakes you really need a proofreader to go through.

John: Yeah, editors are so critical today like especially if you’re not a writer yourself, right? Like you typically, you’re a business owner, right? And how much time do you have to even write a professional piece let alone do all the surveys and outreach, do interviews. I mean for you to then try to make sure that there’s no grammatical errors like just hire someone that actually does this for a living and get it done right.

Roger: Exactly, because it again when you see simple mistakes it really you know, you lose that …the idea that you are an expert in you’re providing valid information if someone reads your content goes, “They have spelling mistakes on this!” It doesn’t look good upon yourself so get it proofread.

John: Yeah, I think the next thing we want to talk about is making sure your title or subject is catchy because if it doesn’t sell or it doesn’t get people to click upon that content piece you know, you kind of wasted all your time putting that together, right? So make sure that whatever that title is…it’s catchy enough that whoever’s maybe interested will click on that link.

Roger: It has to obviously be attention-getting but it leads into that it’s a well-researched and it’s an important substantive information, substantive article or document that you’re putting it in.

John: Yeah and make sure that you know, maybe it’s a Google trend, trending topic or something that a lot of people are kind of wanting to read, right? Make sure that it’s catchy in the way that it’s put out they don’t throw out your piece. Make sure there’s specific things like maybe there’s numbers or how-to like this are very easy to read like make sure that whatever you’re putting out there, make it easy for your users to actually ingest, right? Yes, as opposed to just huge paragraphs without you know, any kind of formatting.

Roger: Exactly, that’s really the number seven which is the last mistake. Make it natural, make it easy to read, make it easy to…as you say consume, John.

John: Yeah and I think you know, one thing that I do want to mention is make sure your written article is not for the purpose of search engines. Make it written for your users.

Roger: For your audience.

John: Audience…so write for your user. User intent, right? And Google will determine that and figure things out based on that. The more natural it is the better it is, right? People are now so focused on writing just for search engines that people stuff keywords and it just doesn’t you know?

Roger: Yes, it doesn’t look natural. There’s a time and place for that SEO Optimized Page and that is having a number of certain keyword showing up a certain percentage of time for every number of words that are on the page but this is natural, easy to read, informative content so write it as if one…as if you’re writing to one person for them to comprehend.

John: Yeah, the more natural it is the better engagement you’re gonna get and the more shares you may get and the more to clicks you’re gonna get. Which ultimately will result in hopefully a call to action of what your desire of that content piece.

Roger: Was in first place.

John: Exactly so that’s seven content marketing mistakes to avoid, really.

Roger: So John, thank you for these tips and tricks. We hope you’ve enjoyed this today and you’ve taken something away from our podcast. We will see you again at Local SEO Today.

John: Thank you.

Roger: Thank you.