Episode 129: B2B Lead Generation Strategies that Will Fill your Sales Funnel

Business to Business lead generation isn’t easy. You need to make yourself stand out from the competition and also ensure that your ideal customers can find you. You have probably tried everything, except for these tips. These B2B sales strategies will work. They will help you bring in more leads and fill your sales funnel so you’re never wasting time looking for your next client!

Roger: Welcome to Local SEO Today. I’m Roger Murphy.

John: And I’m John Vuong.

Roger: We want to welcome you to our broadcast today John, we wanna talk about business of business industries. There’s obviously business to consumer industries but this one won’t talk about….it’s all over North America you’ve got business to business where we want to get sales and those sales mean you need strategy so let’s talk about strategy.

John: Yeah, and I think we’re gonna touch on a couple of them because we are business to business company ourselves and we know what has been working and what hasn’t been working but the difference between B2B versus B2C is you don’t need as many clients to be successful, right? The price point is typically higher however. The volume is a lot lower than B2C. Margins are a lot lower in B2C but there’s a lot more volume, right?

Roger: And with B2B it could be recurring on a regular basis. We have had many clients in this industry ourselves and it’s a regular…whether it’s product self or whether it’s the maintenance afterwards so you’re in the industry that’s why you’re watching this today. Let’s talk about some of these strategies.

John: And acquiring a new customer…there’s a long lifetime value of a customer, right? So the first thing I wanna talk about is when you ever get a lead from a B2B prospect you really need to follow up on that lead because you know, they don’t come often but when they do come, you gotta nourish that.

Roger: That’s right. It could be a sense of urgency you never know why they’re reaching out to you but you can’t just let it sit there in your inbox so to speak or your contact form. The idea is be super prompt to have your sales staff or your technical staff or whomever. Reach out as quick as possible to show them how important that lead or how important they are to you.

John: Yeah, so be as proactive as possible. Don’t wait and follow up as soon as possible. Email, call whatever it may be…have multiple touch points, right? But make sure you don’t lose that because it’s probably time sensitive.

Roger: Sure and those leads sort of step into this next topic but it’s the content…the content marketing. It’s about information that you as a business owner are gonna put out into the marketplace to generate these leads so first off don’t ignore the leaves but now how to give these leads.

John:Yeah, so filling that funnel, right? So writing content for the purpose of your ideal customers, right? So your prospects…so there’s a couple places that you can put, write content. You can either write it on your own website or you can contribute content on other people’s websites, right? So the key here is positioning yourself as the leader or expert in your industry.

Roger: Thought leader, industry leader, expert in your industry.

John: And there’s different types of ways to create content so depending on…because we’re talking about B2B lead: is informational content, is it transactional content, technical content, is it navigational content so you know, you have to figure out who you’re talking to and write for the purpose of your ideal customers, right? And maybe it is to just build a funnel so as much information as possible who is, how is, you know guides out there. Once you position yourself as the expert/leader then you write content for trying to get people to do that transactions.

Roger: Exactly. And in that content what you’re talking about is what your unique selling proposition is or what your unique product is because really in business of businesses John, it’s really how to improve the bottom line for a business, how to prove efficiencies, how to either maybe increase revenues but also cut costs, all these things. What you want to do as a business owner in this space B2B is find out and then really educate them on why your product will help them out.

John: Yeah so content marketing becomes so vital in the B2B world because people will invest a lot of time reading and doing you know, research before they reach out to someone, right? They’ve already…you’ve probably met all their check marks on you know, you have a great website, you have good content, they like the management, they like your story, they like some of the reviews, they liked some of the testimonials, case studies and then by the time they actually call you…they’re already 50% sold, right? So then it’s your job to convert them based on the price or whatever like you know, you’re already so close, right? They’re already reaching out to you so make sure that funnel of content marketing can be very effective for your business.

Roger: And those funnels you know, they come from all over. It could be again John, trade shows but it could also be something that is less and less popular but that means there’s less clutter and it’s even direct mail pieces. Print…personally addressed information being mailed out.

John: Yeah, it’s not common today. We hardly get it ourselves but that means you’re probably gonna open it when you do get it.

Roger: That’s it. Personally addressed mail, yeah.

John: Yeah, so a lot of people have kind of moved away from that just maybe because of the cost and time. Postage is a lot more expensive than a typical email, right? Or a newsletter online so you know, you have to think about ways that are different to stand out, right? You may want to go after traditional means such as newspapers or even magazines, associations, right? You never know you just have to try it. So whatever is best for you may be different than someone else in your industry that may work, right?

Roger: But the key is in this outeach is you’ve got to have a compelling offer, story or information about what you’re bringing to…potentially to this business. It can’t just be a flyer saying you know, call today 20% off. It has to be of some sort of value to them.

John: Yeah, and try to personalize as much as possible. Speak to that ideal customer of yours and prospect, right? Because ultimately what you want them to do is have that call to action engage with you in hopes that they are interested at that time, right? The last thing that we want to talk about is really never forget about Search Engine Optimization or SEO because again B2B there’s less competition, right? However it’s such an effective way to generate leads especially if you currently have an in-house team of salespeople so if you’re doing some sort of telemarketing or you have outbound sales people out there right now imagine that you’ve had a website optimized working for you 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year. People who are interested and ready to buy reach out to you and whenever they’re ready you have a very high conversion rate.

Roger: Exactly, and it should be mentioned that we’re really speaking about Google experience and the Google experience is across really North America that nine or over nine to ten of us use it for personal and for business uses so you as a B2B person don’t underestimate that. In fact your clients are searching Google themselves. You might think, “Oh, no people wouldn’t use Google for my type of industry service.” We see John, all the time on the Google search tools the industry applications, the searches that are going on. It is…people use Google for every type of industry.

John: And even if you don’t believe in Search Engine Optimization try Google Ads see if that works for you. If there is an opportunity to generate leads and it pays off you know your margins you know your cause if it pays off and you like the quality of leads coming from digital search engines. Then maybe invest in search engine optimization because that’s really to build your authority, right? You become the trusted expert and hopefully generate a lot more leads and more visibility coming from google.

Roger: Exactly, and a lot of B2B industries for us say, “Well it’s a relationship sale for us. It’s so few and far between then we know who were going after.” But the reality is that this SEO could very well start a relationship with somebody that had an emergency or they were unhappy with who they’re working with or their sales rep got you know, transferred out again and you never know why they’re out there looking but this idea of being there when they’re ready to buy. In fact, it could just open a new relationship for you.

John: And it’s all visibility, right? Like you’re missing out if you’re not there. They’re gonna be …there’s millions of people searching all the time. It could be your products, services but if you’re not there they’re going somewhere else so you lost that deal.

Roger: It’s a very easy calculation to say, “What’s the value of one customer?” If I could get one more customer a month or if I could get two. This SEO thing would be very powerful for your business.

John: Exactly, Well, great! Thanks a lot Roger.

Roger: John, thank you for your input on this B2B industry. It’s a fantastic industry and I hope you got a few ideas of this today. We’ll see you again at Local SEO Today.

John: Thank you