Episode 125: Live interview with Kenny Kline

If you’re going to network you have to bring something to get something.

Kenny Kline is the founder and managing partner of Jakk Solutions, a digital marketing agency operating out of New York. Kenny’s expertise lies in traffic generation, lead capture and conversion for small businesses. He started his first business by understanding the importance of small audiences and creating a tool that would be useful for a specific niche. Since then, Kenny has continued to build successful companies in the digital technology and fashion sectors.

Some people like to be best in the room at everything. Everyone I hire, I want them to be way better than me at something.

On our podcast Kenny talks about his journey growing a business and how many stories that get media coverage are of overnight success. But that isn’t the case for all, or even most, entrepreneurs. Some have slow and steady growth and that is okay. He also touches on:

  • Facing new challenges as an entrepreneur
  • Focusing on processes
  • How to deal with growth and improve communication with your team
  • Handling your weaknesses as a business owner
  • The importance of understanding your budget
  • Networking as relationship building

If you’d like to learn more about Kenny or reach out to him, click on the links below.

Website: https://jakk.media/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisbekenny
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kennykline/