Episode 123: 6 Email Marketing Myths That Will Surprise You

Email marketing is such a huge part of many businesses today. Everyone has their email on their phone. This means that your current and potential customers are even more available to you than they have been before. But maybe you’re apprehensive and think that email marketing is too invasive or bothersome? It can be. But if done right, it can also pay off! Listen to our six email marketing myths and how to do it right so that your email marketing can keep your customers coming back!

Roger: Welcome to Local SEO Today. I’m Roger Murphy.

John: And I’m John Vuong.

Roger: We want to welcome you to our podcast today. We want to talk about email John, email marketing and some myths out there that people think or have in their mind that about email marketing.

John: Yeah, there’s a lot of people who say they’re effective, some that say they’re not. Do they even open emails? I mean there’s a lot of talk out there and as a business owner what’s reality, right? So what we’re gonna talk about six of them which we believe are really myths out there. The first one we will talk about is email marketing is dead.

Roger: Everyone, 90% of us check our emails every day so if you think of it you have an engaged audience that’s looking at something you’ve been pushing out to them so it’s not dead but now we want to be effective about it, right?

John: So there’s always gonna be business owners or people. Your customers, they have multiple email addresses because they’re free, right? And depending on what email address you were provided because there’s gonna be an email list that is more spam versus ones that they actually check on a particular basis so you want to be on that list of active email.

Roger: Yes, quality.

John: Because me and you I probably have over ten email addresses, right? Three of them are probably just for spam that I will give out to every single vendor out there just to be on their list to get some sort of deal, right? But there’s ones that I actually actively check.

Roger: Now one of the myths is that people feel emails are all spam. That is some are but that is not the truth because if it’s a quality email John, it actually will get through but that’s the…that is the trick and the technique that you as a business owner, entrepreneur you’ve gotta really spend time to put a good quality offer over there because it will be engaging.

John: Yeah so the number two thing is because it’s spamming so make sure you’re speaking to the audience, make sure you’re bringing value, so make sure you actually…you’re giving something up, right? So what’s the purpose of this email? Is it just to let people know what’s going on in your business? Is there any product? Is there a new employee or staff that’s coming on board? Like it has to be something of essence for someone to actually open up, right? And then whenever they are coming to you again though mention it, right? The whole purpose is really why are you setting up this email.

Roger: Exactly, there are…emails are really broken down. There’s emails to your existing clients that have already done business with you and there’s other emails of basically lead gen which is people have maybe fill out the form on your website or something to you wanna…they require some information.

John: Exactly so you know, you’re gonna write content or images based on who your audience is, right? Active clients versus prospects I would say. So number three is unsubscribing that list is a bad thing. So is it bad if people are unsubscribing your email?

Roger: It sounds like it is but that’s just a myth because the truth is you’ll have a cleaner list of people that are very still very interested in that…your product or your service.

John: Yeah so scrubbing that list to just have engaged, active people that are actually interested in your product or service. It actually becomes a way better list. Because it becomes quality.

Roger: If you have thousands of emails that are not interested in your product what’s the point of having quantity but not quality.

John: Exactly. I’d rather have more engagement, higher open rates, better click-through rates and which should translate to more leads or sales eventually, right?

Roger: And any offers you put out are aligned more with someone who’s active and interested in your product ,your service.

John: Exactly so that’s number three. The fourth thing is…is there a magic day or time to send emails? Really, I mean you can read as much online as possible as to your industry when’s the best time but really figure out what your audience is, right? Who’s that demographic and test it. Try different days, try different times and see what works what has the best conversion rate, click-through rate, openrate.

Roger: It will be through testing.

John: Exactly.

Roger: But if you think of it, here’s an idea if you have a demographic. Let’s say you have a product or service tailored to moms. Mother’s and household. They will be opening their emails extremely early in the morning getting the day started before the kids are up. That is a more effective time to reach them but what if it’s a business owner? John, we’re in business. We get emails all day long if you’re trying to be efficient you…how do you work your emails?

John: Yeah, so depending on whose email you’re reading, right? If it’s an active customer depending on the urgent situation I’ll respond immediately. But you know, I try to stay away from technology when I’m at home just because you know, you get better rest and whatnot but with email you know, you have the ability to check it anytime it always pops up, right? You’re getting hundreds of emails daily so you just have to figure out who your audience is and who do you want to attract.

Roger: And my point is as a business owner when we’re trying to be efficient with our time, get our you know, get our business looked after. Emails you’ll get to it certain times of the day. It might be…

John: Breaks, lunch…

Roger: Breaktime exactly so you as a marketer sending these emails out you’re just thinking, “Okay is my typical client a mother, someone running a household, is it a business owner, is it a service based business who’s on the road all day, a contractor who you know, who is your type of clientele?

John: Yeah so figure that out and test it, right? Number…I think we’re at number five now. So is long subject lines a negative thing?

Roger: It sounds like it is but it’s a myth.

John: It is a myth. So as long as you’re making it as generic or as natural as possible and you’re speaking to the audience and making it insightful so something that’s actually a benefit, of value or something it actually has a better impact for your business so don’t just keep it short. The longer it is actually has a better conversion rate.

Roger: I think we’re seeing numbers between 61 and 70 characters can be effective. That sounds like a long introduction line or subject line but it is just a myth. That actually could work for you.

John: So it’s very similar to Google, right? People are now spending more time writing multiple longtail keywords because they want to refine information so if you’re more targeted in terms of a subject line of exactly, what you’re looking for, exactly what you’re putting out as an email. You get a way better conversion rate of people who are actually interested in that subject, right?

Roger: And the last myth which has to do with the frequency of sending repeat messages. The myth is you don’t do that but in fact open rates I think, John we’ve talked… it’s around 25% to open up an email or an open an email rate if you have and here’s the key it’s not…it cannot be spammed but if it’s a valuable offer, it’s targeted to the right type of client, potential client if it is properly targeted you actually can send it in more than once to reinforce that message to the client.

John: Yeah so you know, the challenges you don’t know if your audience or people who are in the list will actually open your email and they might have hundreds of email that day and they might just skip or it may go into the spam folder or may go to the junk folder so you never know if it’s actually being delivered properly, right? So just…you have to be aware of making sure that you try different things. If it doesn’t work the first time do the same offer again to test it and you may have a different audience clicking through that didn’t click through in the first place.

Roger: And they may have…just because life and the number of emails coming through they may have missed it the first time but again as long as it’s a valuable offer that resending can be very powerful to improve your open rate.

John: Yeah so email marketing there’s a lot of myths out there. It’s very effective when you have a really good list…target list. Know your audience, figure out who to really attract, know what kind of offer or reason,why you’re sending that email.

Roger: Exactly, so thank you for your time today. John. Thank you for your input. I hope you know, watching our podcast today picked up a couple interesting tips and tricks that you can use and we’ll see you again another day, John. Thank you and see you again at Local SEO Today.

John: Thank you.