Episode 120: 3 Ignored Sales Strategies to Try Today

Sales isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it. And as a salesperson, sometimes you can hit a wall. When you’ve used all of your sale strategies, what is left to do? Look for new ones! These 3 ignored sales strategies can help set you apart and skyrocket your sales today.

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Roger: Welcome to Local SEO Today. I’m Roger Murphy.

John: And I’m John Vuong.

Roger: Today we wanna welcome you to our podcast. We’re talking today in terms of, to business owners and entrepreneurs, John, about strategies to grow your business and sales strategies, in particular.

John: Yeah, so we’re gonna talk about 3 strategies that are typically overlooked in the overall sales strategy because, you know, there’s so many different ways to get your clients, right? And ideally, every business owner wants to attract new customers, right? But these are typically overlooked.

Roger: And why do you think that is? Do you think people get complacent or something? Or the phone is ringing so they just let the ring go.

John: Yeah, they relied so heavily on referrals or, you know, things have gone so well over the years. You just never know when things are gonna go sour, right? And they’re not prepared for it.

Roger: Maybe they look at their sales sheet and go out with another good month, so

John: Just keep doing what we’re doing.

Roger: Keep doing what you’re doing, yeah. But that leads to rigged complacency and that’s where these strategies get overlooked and these are the things that will generate more revenue ang get you going again when revenue goes down.

John: Exactly. When things are tough, right? So, the first thing I wanna talk about out of the three is really go after your existing relationships. It could be business relationships, people that you’ve encountered over the years, family and friends, but keep them really close and let them know what’s going on, right? Why you’re doing certain things and you never know when, you know, it could be a quick reminder at a family barbecue of what exactly you’re up to.

Roger: Exactly. When you, as a business owner, and when you started, John, six years ago. When you’re first starting, you probably let everyone know here’s what I’m up to, here’s what I’m doing just in your circle of family and friends. The same thing with your business, your—what you have going on, watching this podcast today. The same thing when you first started, this is what it’s all about, letting people know what you are doing and that gets the buzz going about your business.

John: And it’s, you know, your friends are your friends. You’re gonna always be there and the same with your friend—family, right? But it’s very important that you let them know what’s going on in your life, right? Because everyone’s gonna be busy. Everyone lives their own life and they’re busy. So you need to ensure that whenever they’re thinking of whatever you’re offering like service or product, they’ll remember you. Or they might not need your service right away, but if someone asks, they will refer you.

Roger: Exactly.

John: Okay? So, just make sure that you’re putting yourself out there.

Roger: Yeah, let your family and friends know what you are up to and even then, ask the question, just did, as you say, in these social gatherings, who do you know? Do you know anyone that could use my services or my product? That gets them thinking, Oh! And then they have a, you know, meeting another friend that runs a, you know, some sort of networking event, they go “ I do know somebody, my relative, my brother-in-law is really great at what he does and or she does” , and they can get that referrals as you’re going forward.

John: Yeah, the referrals are always the best type of leads because it’s already a warm, you know, trusted source, right? So that’s number one. The second thing I wanna talk about is really going after your existing customers. So, you know, if you’ve been in business for a while, you probably have a lot of existing clients, right? What are you doing to nurture those clients and go after them with referrals as well. So, who do they know that might need your service.

Roger: Right. Because if they’re your client today, it’s because you’re doing a good job for them, you’re making money for them, you’re taking off things off their plate making their life easy so they can just run their business. All of a sudden, if you just ask them in passing, hey Jim, Joe or Sue, who do you know that could use it in your circle of business friends that could maybe use our or benefit from our services or products? It’s a huge huge way to grow your referral list.

John: And maybe offer something up, right? So if you have any existing client base, if they refer their family and friends, or someone that they know to your company, maybe offer something up as a referral fee or something to compensate them, right? Or give them something up, right? Because everyone wants something in return, right? So what are you able to give them? I know the best type of referral or people that actually develop your product or service and they will just do it for you, they’re your strongest advocate.

Roger: They’re like your fans.

John: Exactly.

Roger: Yup, they’ll speak highly of you. They pass your name around and all you need to do is just remind them that yes we are or I am looking for more clients to take care of. So they might think , oh they’re busy enough. Maybe they don’t realize you’re actually looking for more, more clients.

John: And you’re accepting new customers, right? So let people know that you’re always accepting new customers.

Roger: So, that was the first one of course is family and friends. The second one to reach out to is your existing business customers. John, the third one really is, it is referred to as cold calling and it’s really mostly over the phone but it is reaching out to someone who doesn’t know about you right now. People don’t like it, it’s—it feels like there’s a lot of negativity ‘coz there’s a lot of rejection in there but it’s a very powerful way to introduce your business.

John: Exactly, because it’s very difficult to get in the door, right? And it’s probably the hardest thing to really effectively learn how to cold call a prospect, smart and effectively. But if you’re willing and you have the desire to really start doing that and spend an hour, a couple hours a day doing that kind of outreach via cold calling, that typically means over the phone, right? Because email here in Canada is not, you know, it’s not legal.

Roger: Not legal. You have to, you have to opt in. You cannot just have email sent to you.

John: Exactly, so you can cold call. The challenge if there’s..everyone gets bombarded with calls, right? So you have three or five seconds to build that connection right off the bat, right? What can you do to attract someone to really take you on or listen further.

Roger: So as a business owner, entrepreneur watching this podcast now, I’m gonna ask you, think about it yourself. Not what is your product you’re selling but what is the benefit of the product you’re selling. You have three, John, three to five seconds to get that benefit cross. So think about that and then you can tailor that conversation to get you through the…I guess the gatekeepers, whether it’s a business has reception, has you know, I guess inbound call center. How to get through. You’ve got to have a powerful benefit statement that makes it worth their while for them to come on the line and talk to you.

John: Yeah, and then, you know, practice your elevator pitch. Practice. ‘Coz what is the real outcome that you want in this telemarketing call, right? Cold calling. Is it to spend more time on the phone with the person in charge, the decision maker, and then it hopes that you send an email or meet them in person or what’s the whole objective, right? So figure that out, learn from your mistakes and it’s all trial-and-error, ultimately.

Roger: Yeah, and depending on what your product is or service, it’s about saving money, be more productive for your potential client, convenience, pleasure, it maybe, it’s a travel type of business you’ve got, but it’s those, you’ve got a, you’ve got to get that message across in a few seconds of the benefit of what you have, not just the price.

John: And if you have some time before you make that call, do some due diligence and research so you can personalize it as much as possible. Know a little bit about their company and who you’re talking to and they will, everyone’s flattered when they know that you’ve done your research, right? So spend that extra couple seconds or minutes to do that in preparation of taking that cold call.

Roger: There’s a thing called Google. Go into Google and research anything

John: Just Google everything

Roger: And become an expert very quickly. But John, it has been a great topic today.

John: Thank you

Roger: Sales or lead generation is the lifeblood of every business so thank you for watching today. I hope you got a couple of tips or tricks from us and we’ll see you again. John, thank you for your time.

John: Thank you Roger.

Roger: See you again at Local SEO Today.