Episode 116: 5 Email Marketing Tips You Need To Know Before You Hit Send

Your inbox gets flooded every day from email marketing. Every company is using email marketing to reach their customers. It’s a great way to interact with people who have purchased from you. But it’s also a saturated market. This means that you need to stand out! Your email needs to make that person click on it and make them want to continue reading. Email marketing is only as good as the amount of eyes you have on it. Hear 5 tips to help bring your email marketing to the next level!

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Roger: Welcome to Local SEO Today. I’m Roger Murphy.

John: And I’m John Vuong.

Roger: Today, we wanna speak to business owners and entrepreneurs with our podcast to talk about email marketing. John, email marketing, it’s a very powerful tool for business owners to stay in touch with their client base and have today because, obviously, you’re looking to serve, right? And you’re looking to offer other services and increase revenue. That sort of thing.

John: Yeah, so first you, first off, you need a list, right? So, before you even get the list, you have to have a lead magnet to actually capture an email list so you either start with a database of your existing clients which you have already gotten consent from, to email them or you go and capture your own, right? And this could be segmented from existing clients to prospects. I would say, right? So, the email that you gotta be sending out will be a little bit different based on who your targets are. So, try to personalize as much as possible as number one tip. So depending on what kind of list you have, you can personalize it to your existing clients. You know they’re revenue-based customers that have already bought a product/service with you. And these are prospects. So the prospects list can be more of an offer deal, right? So, you have to just segment it properly.

Roger: Exactly. And then the reality is this is that depending on the country. And here in Canada, there is a legislation with respect to, you must be invited in to have to opt into your, certain, your email for communication, going back and forth.

John: And you have to make sure that there’s an unsubscribe section at the bottom of your email whatever you put out, especially if it’s a newsletter email. The second thing that we wanna talk about is avoid certain terms and words within the subject line of your email, right? So you have to remember, you wanna make it as natural as possible and not as salesly as possible because people will not open up a salesly type of email because they, people get bombarded with hundreds of emails a day, right? If you’re subscribing to different brands, to, you know your local shops or whatever, you’re gonna be, there’s a lot going on. So, what actually impacts you to actually click through and open that email. The more personalized it is, the better likelihood they will open up your email.

Roger: Exactly. And if they recognize you because there are, as we were talking earlier, there’s filters now, they’ll actually filter words that are spammy, and instantly your message will never get out if it’s one of those keywords.

John: Yeah, and stay away from like all-caps letter, right? Because nothing’s that urgent or not that important to have all-caps, right? Make it as natural as possible.

Roger: Kinda personal too

John: Personal as possible. Stay away from percentages off as well, and even pricing, right? So in the subject line, maybe, let them know a little idea of what it’s about, but personalized it. So, dear whatever to the person’s name and then write it as if you’re writing it for a specific person as to everyone in your audience.

Roger: And of course, you, watching today as a business owner, entrepreneur, depending on what your service is, maybe it’s seasonal, and if it’s seasonal, or maybe it’s recurring, were like you’re dental office where you’ve got patients that are on the list, are active patients. You have to send a message based on that seasonality or based on the fact that you’ve got a recurring client that you just want to remind them “Hey it’s time to get your teeth checked”, or it’s time for fall is coming and you should be looking at certain, you know, things around the house so to speak in terms of…

John: Tips and tricks

Roger: Getting ready for winter

John: And back to school

Roger: Wet season, rainy season

John: Exactly, or if you have like some sort of referral program that you’re introducing something new or a promotion, there’s a lot of things that you can actually do via email once you have an existing list, right? The third thing I wanna talk about is when to send out that email because it will depend, right? On who your clients are and test it ‘coz as much information, you know, you can do as much research online as to when’s the best time, the most optimal time, but you have to try it yourself to see and track to see when is the best time to actually send out that email.

Roger: And frequency

John: Frequency as well

Roger: If you—-more is not better when it comes to emails. And if people, your clients, if they get bombarded, it has to be valuable. And if not, all of a sudden, you’re gonna lose them. So it must be a really solid email with an offer or some sort of information for them that they can really use to benefit them. But you can’t be loaded every week.

John: Yeah, so depending on what kind of business you’re running, right? So if it’s a product based, you might wanna offer it more frequently, right? But if it’s a service like a dental office, you may only see them once every or a couple of times a year, hopefully, right?

Roger: Yup, six months

John: Every six months, right? So does that mean you just do a quarterly newsletter at most, maybe, monthly. But if you’re product based where, you know, there’s always gonna be the end of season, new season, new product line, new arrivals. There’s a lot going on, right? So that’s what you wanna do more frequently and potentially even weekly or more than a couple times a week.

Roger: So valuable email, the other, the next really component of it is making time sensitive. So, either it’s a limited time offer or limited number of spots open, or limited amount of product available but put that time sense of…

John: Exactly. So it’s really like a call of action, it really get someone to actually do something about it, right? Because it’s very important. What’s the purpose of that email, right? You want to acquire a new business potentially, or you want people to refer other people to come to your shop, or come visit you, right?

Roger: Exactly. And people that you haven’t seen in a while, just to remind them that Oh yeah that’s right see I haven’t been there in a while.

John: So it’s that sticking this fast

Roger: Sticky. Get them ignited again to your services.

John: Exactly. And the last point that I do wanna mention is today more than ever, everyone’s using a smartphone, right? So make sure that the email newsletter that you’re sending out is optimized for not just desktop but tablet, mobile, smartphones, because it has to be easy to navigate throughout your journey, right? So, it could be a multiple touch point thing where people get emails and check on their phone but don’t save it and check it out when they get home, right? So, they bookmark it and they’ll check it on desktop. So, make sure it’s formatted properly. It’s well designed for mobile devices and it’s image-heavy as well because people are attracted to pictures, right? So don’t just put words in the email, right? Because it becomes sale, right? Especially if it says this is a newsletter, you can put images, videos, links but don’t go heavy on text.

Roger: Texts, yeah just text, that’s right. And I think video is huge, people love even on instagrams, improvement, that video or movie pictures is way more powerful than just sending images.

John: Exactly.

Roger: So you’ll try everything.

John: And the last thing I gotta touch on that mobile section so even that subject line because on a mobile device there’s only certain characters within the line, So those first few words are so critical. So when you’re kind— kinda composing a subject, make sure to go heavy earlier in terms of the reasoning so that you can capture the audience ‘coz, ultimately, what you want is a click through, right? Because a lot of people don’t even open their emails, they might just delete it or put it into a junk folder or you know…

Roger: That’s right. There’s so many that come out a day.

John: Exactly.

Roger: So good. So in terms of email marketing tips, John, thanks very much for this. There will be more, we’ll talk later again. But for today, thank you for watching. I hope you’ve learned a little something and maybe got a few ideas. So we’ll see you again at Local SEO Today.

John: Thank you.