Episode 107: Continuous Learning How It Can Help Set You Apart

When you graduate and start your career, you think you are done learning. But the best way to stay at the head of your industry is to keep up on the latest trends and techniques. In the digital world, everything is everchanging. In order to be the absolute best you can be, you need to be continually learning something new.

Roger: Welcome to Local SEO Today. I’m Roger Murphy.

John: And I’m John Vuong.

Roger: We want to welcome entrepreneurs today to our segment. We want to talk to you today about the idea of when you’re running a business. John, anyone is running a business, we’re all students anymore and I think we’re going to be students all our lives, you need to continually grow and learn.

John: And we’re going to talk on continuous learning.

Roger: Yeah.

John: Right? So whatever product and service you have to offer to your customers, you need to understand that there’s always going to be changes. There’s the evolution of all industries.

Roger: Yes.

John: Right? So how do you stay on top of what’s going on in the marketplace, right? So we’re going to touch on a couple of key, important facts where in order for you to stay on top of it, you also have to continue…training, you know, stay educated…

Roger: Exactly.

John: …continue learning, right? The first thing we’re going to talk about is making sure that you’re staying relevant, right? By attending or even joining in on…topics, right? So if there is an industry event or association that you’re a part of…what are the thought leaders…the four thinkers…talking about?

Roger: Yeah.

John: Maybe attend their conference, go in and get training done.

Roger: Yeah, right. Really learn trends, right? But that’s because the trends- things are happening so fast now…what was just, as we may talked before, but what worked a year ago may be different today, things are forever evolving and evolving rapidly.

John: Yeah and if someone is paying for your product or service, they want to know that you’re staying relevant.

Roger: Yep.

John: Right? They want to make sure that you’re actually…be trained by the experts or you are one of the four thinkers, right?

Roger: Exactly.

John: And that’s what people are paying a premium — to be your client.

Roger: Exactly.

John: Right.

Roger: We were exhibiting at the ODA this year, one of the dental associations. They actually put on seminars for dentists so that they stay on top of the latest trends in dentistry, whether it’s radiology and taking x-rays, or how to…you know, fix teeth and cosmetic, which I find fascinating and I really appreciate that because these are…the dental experts that are taking care of our oral health. They’re not sitting back on what they’ve learned on 1980 or 1990 in dental school, they’re in a class today and they go every year to be upgraded for…you know, the new- the latest trends.

John: It’s a requirement to be a member…like to keep your designation and you need X amount of credits, right?

Roger: Yeah.

John: So if you want to continue practicing or building your successful practice, you need to ensure that you stay on top of what’s going on in the industry, right? So these are subject matters…experts…globally that come in, get flown in but speak on that specific…you know…

Roger: Topic, yeah?

John: Topic.

Roger: Right. So that’s terrific so what that really means to you is this, you know this continual learning, you can actually let your clients — your customers know that we not- we take our industry in our profession so seriously that we are continually upgrading our skills, our equipment, our technology, our expertise, for you, and let people know that, that’s very powerful.

John: So continuous learning on your subject matter but also continuous learning on business matters, right? You’re a business owner and you’re probably really good at your specific topic but as a business owner, you know that there’s a lot of facets to running a business.

Roger: Sure.

John: From financial…

Roger: Yeah.

John: From training to…you know, operations…

Roger: The government…

John: Governing service, to counting taxes.

Roger: Taxes.

John: So there’s so many different various topics that you can be well trained and educated on, right? And yes, you’re the expert at that one specific…subject matter but you can also learn and you may not want to do everything as a business owner, and you may hire for different things but you want to know what they’re actually doing.

Roger: Exactly.

John: Right?

Roger: So you’ve got local business improvement associations you can join. There’s trade associations for your industry. I’m sure, just like we’ve talked about from the dentist industry, there’s industries for the plumbing, and dental, and legal. Staying on top and staying on current, what it does is it makes you, as we mentioned this a little while ago, relevant and you stay relevant, that’s important out there.

John: And another thing is…not just going to these conferences and then being a part of this association but there’s so much content online today.

Roger: Yes.

John: Right? So you can read blogs, you can read industry magazines online, you can listen to podcasts.

Roger: Yes.

John: You can watch YouTube videos, right? There’s so many good- so many…experts out there.

Roger: Yes.

John: Right? And you may follow these experts as well so they’re producing all this content, some are paid, some are free but there’s a lot of information out there so stay on top of that, right? If you are interested in a specific topic or subject, educate yourself, learn a little bit more about it.

Roger: And the truth is, with the internet, it is known as the Internet of Things now, it is a resource…area, resource tool, never before have we, everyone has had so much access virtually free to the most important…you know, trends and expertise that for any industry you can actually Google it and learn a tremendous amount about your industry. It’s unbelievable.

John: Yeah and you know, you could become the expert figure…online as well, right? So, you know, yes you’ve gained training by the experts, position yourself as the local expert…

Roger: Local.

John: …because there’s probably not a lot of people out there doing what you’re doing, right? If you are very much striving to be…you know, this continuous learning and educated to become the best, the very best at your subject matter, and people are paying that premium to use your product or service.

Roger: Yeah.

John: You know that means something.

Roger: Yeah.

John: Right?

Roger: And then you’re known as the thought leader or you’re known as the expert in your industry, and that just helps your business because people see you as the go-to person for that particular…you know, product or service.

John: And another key thing about going to all these conferences, and tradeshows, etc., is there’s a lot of technology nowadays, right? There’s a lot of automation, there’s a lot of new software that can actually improve the processes…

Roger: Yep.

John: …make it become more efficient, some of the stuff you’re doing today…I mean, if you’re a dentist…I mean, some of this technology is much more affordable — less risk, less errors…I mean, there’s things that can improve your practice.

Roger: Yes.

John: And you know, even the software in terms of…you know, the imagery or customer transactions, there’s a lot of things that can actually improve your practice.

Roger: Yep.

John: So the more you get embraced with what’s out there, the more likelihood you can actually…you know, incorporate in your own business.

Roger: Right. It’ll be a benefit to you for sure.

John: Yeah and be open to it, right? Because if you’re not even looking at doing any changes, someone else is going to do it.

Roger: And you know what, you just say, “We don’t do it that way because we’ve always done it this way.” You want to change that mindset because there’s too much technology in every industry that it’s changing so rapidly.

John: Yeah and maybe it is best to be the first mover of if it’s…you know, something that’s new technology out there and you can brand it that way as well. So always look at competitive advantage because if you’re not doing, someone else will be.

Roger: Yep.

John: Right? And maybe you’re missing out on a great opportunity, right? So look at that as an opportunity for you to really grow your business, right? Stay on top of the trends and go out there and learn, continue learning, reading, watching videos, watching- listening to podcasts. Just make sure that you’re braced with whatever you’re doing, be passionate in love, right? Or else why are you in the business in the first place, right?

Roger: And one of the thing it does is it makes you personally feel stronger than yourself and your expertise that you bring to the table but it also makes you…it elevates you in your customers lives also, that you are, you’re trying to better your product, and service, and offerings. So continuously, John, it’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

John: To make sure that you’re a thought leader.

Roger: Exactly. So to all entrepreneurs out there and business owners, thanks for watching today and…continue learning, and continue succeeding.

John: Thank you.

Roger: Thank you.