Do You Really Need That MBA?: A Conversation with Jeff Haden

‘The MBA does not confer some magic ability upon you. The information is out there. It is what you do with it [that’s key].’

Jeff Haden is the author of ‘The Motivation Myth,’ a contributing editor of Inc. Magazine, a keynote speaker, and a LinkedIn influencer. In his most famous book, he writes about how motivation isn’t something you search for; it’s something you create through repeatable processes and hard work.

‘There’s the idea that you have to reinvent the wheel in order to be successful, but there are some really awesome, established wheels out there. You’re much better off saying, “Okay, that works. I’m going to do that, and in the process of gaining skill and experience, I will figure out the things that I can do differently to shape that wheel so that it is better.”’

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