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Latest Episodes

The objective is to provide you with insights into the entrepreneurship journey of many different individuals and give you tips and advice from real experience.

Leverage Your Personal Experience: A Conversation with Omar Zenhom

‘Leverage the value that you have/the personal experience that you have.’ Omar Zenhom is the co-founder and CEO of WebinarNinja, an online Webinar platform named as one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in 2018. He also hosts the top business podcast The $100 MBA Show. ‘How am I...

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Creating Your Company Culture

‘Make the wellbeing of your employees a priority.’ In this episode, we talk about how you can create and improve your company culture. Your company culture is made up of the values you share with your organization. It shows in how you interact with your employees as well as...

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Do It for Yourself: A Conversation with Jodi Daniels

‘There’s nothing like doing it for yourself. I thrive on that. However much you’re going to put in, you’re going to get it back.’ Jodi Daniels is the founder and CEO of Red Clover Advisors. She’s a certified information privacy professional who helps businesses create privacy programs and build...

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Should You Move to Entirely Remote Work?

‘If we’re going to be home-based, I need to take care of the mental health of my people. I need to make sure they’re team-building because it’s the culture of our company, and happy employees make productive employees.’ The pandemic has caused a lot of companies to shift from...

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Do You Really Need That MBA?: A Conversation with Jeff Haden

‘The MBA does not confer some magic ability upon you. The information is out there. It is what you do with it [that’s key].’ Jeff Haden is the author of ‘The Motivation Myth,’ a contributing editor of Inc. Magazine, a keynote speaker, and a LinkedIn influencer. In his most...

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Supporting Employees in a Pandemic

“Ask for suggestions. They feel empowered when they feel they’re being heard.” Your business highly depends on you and your employees’ wellness. It’s important now more than ever to be there for your staff. Here are a few tips on how to support your employees during this pandemic: –...

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John Vuong and Roger Murphy share their insights on modern marketing gleaned from years of experience. Discover how to crack the modern online market, get more attention from search engine results pages (like Google), expand your clientele base, and receive the highest return on investment through digital marketing.