Hear real stories and
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John Vuong and Roger Murphy interview business owners and provide
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Latest Episodes

The objective is to provide you with insights into the entrepreneurship journey of many different individuals and give you tips and advice from real experience.

Create Your Own MBA: A Conversation with Brian Scudamore

“I created what I called my own “MBA,” “mentor board of advisers,” people I can reach out to and connect with and get ideas, ways to figure out how to grow my business, solve my problems.” Brian Scudamore is a serial entrepreneur, CEO, and author known for his work...

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3 COVID-19 Changes that Will Impact Your Business in 2021

“People want personalized relationships. They want to know you’re in it with them.” As we face another year of struggles with the current pandemic, we’re here to help you survive and thrive. Listen to this episode and make these three COVID-19 changes in your business that might make all...

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Creating Great Work Cultures: A Conversation with Mitch Russo

“I think you can train anybody to technically do something. But what’s hard to do is arrange and create a strong culture of cooperation and camaraderie.” Mitch Russo founded Timeslips Corp., which he sold for eight figures, and then became the CEO of Tony Robins and Chet Holmes’s Business...

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Goal Setting for 2021

Win small achievements to get closer to your end goal. What are your goals this year? Listen to this episode to get a headstart on achieving your goals. John and Roger share highly effective goal setting tips such as setting a realistic target with a manageable timeframe. These are...

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True Wealth Is Happiness: A Conversation with Bill Sebald

“Building our network is probably the most important thing that has worked for Greenlane.” Bill Sebald is the founder of Greenlane, a digital marketing company that specialises in enterprise and e-commerce brands. He is also a recognized writer and speaker. “You have to learn to give your employees control,...

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Journeys Aren’t Always Linear: Erin Blaskie

“It’s not what you’re doing but how you’re doing it, and the mindset you have around it, that matters most.” Erin Blaskie started her first online business in 2004. She’s a TEDx speaker and the director of marketing at Fellow.app, a productivity tool for managers. “You can’t just surround...

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Local SEO Today is a weekly podcast brought to you by Local SEO Search Inc., one of the leading search engine optimization (SEO) agencies in Canada. Discover the benefits and techniques of Internet marketing (from local SEO to social media) that help small- and medium-sized businesses in any service or industry.

John Vuong and Roger Murphy share their insights on modern marketing gleaned from years of experience. Discover how to crack the modern online market, get more attention from search engine results pages (like Google), expand your clientele base, and receive the highest return on investment through digital marketing.