Hear real stories and
real struggles from
entrepreneurs who’ve
been where you are.

John Vuong and Roger Murphy interview business owners and provide
you with tips to grow your business today!

Latest Episodes

The objective is to provide you with insights into the entrepreneurship journey of many different individuals and give you tips and advice from real experience.

Episode 184: 4 Tips To Thrive Post – COVID

You’ve got pent-up demand because there are consumers out there that do want to get out and buy again. COVID-19 has been tough to a lot of businesses. As fellow business owners, we understand how overwhelming this can be, and we try to help others during this challenging time....

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Episode 183: Live Interview With Mike Lander

John: My guest today is Mike Lander. Mike is an entrepreneur who has successfully bought, grown and sold multiple businesses in sectors like digital marketing, recruitment, education and more currently, Mike is the CEO of Piscari Limited and chairman of a digital agency Re-signal. Thanks for being on the...

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Local SEO Today

Local SEO Today is a weekly podcast brought to you by Local SEO Search Inc., one of the leading search engine optimization (SEO) agencies in Canada. Discover the benefits and techniques of Internet marketing (from local SEO to social media) that help small- and medium-sized businesses in any service or industry.

John Vuong and Roger Murphy share their insights on modern marketing gleaned from years of experience. Discover how to crack the modern online market, get more attention from search engine results pages (like Google), expand your clientele base, and receive the highest return on investment through digital marketing.