Hear real stories and
real struggles from
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John Vuong and Roger Murphy interview business owners and provide
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Latest Episodes

The objective is to provide you with insights into the entrepreneurship journey of many different individuals and give you tips and advice from real experience.

Mastering the Challenge of the Mind: A Conversation with Joshua Marsden

‘Master the challenge of the mind. Master how you lead and manage your brain because otherwise your brain will lead and manage you.’ Joshua Marsden is the owner of CVO Acceleration and ARM5 Formula Company. He helps clients break free from ‘one size fits all’ digital approaches. ‘Actions speak...

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Living a Life of ‘Oh Wells’ Than ‘What Ifs:’ A Conversation with Sagi Shrieber

‘I’d rather live a life of “oh wells” than “what ifs.”’ Sagi Shrieber aims to help entrepreneurs build and realize their visions. With his design agency, Contrast, he also helps customers get great sales and conversions with cutting-edge design and storytelling. ‘Selling is all about storytelling. I see it...

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Connecting through Play: Kristi Herold

‘Play is really important when it comes to building good bonds and friendships and having a healthy culture.’ Kristi Herold founded the Sport & Social Group and JAM, which offers virtual social events to help teams connect through play. ‘I’m a big believer in asking for help, and I’m...

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How to Succeed in a Saturated Market

‘There’s an opportunity for everyone out there. You can uncover gaps [in the competitive market].’ Your industry may be tough and highly competitive. This week, we talk about how to succeed in a saturated market. Let’s consider some points that will help you stand out in a saturated market:...

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Trusting Your Gut: Rhett Power

‘I got that gut feeling, that nagging feeling that we all get, and a lot of times we push it down and we ignore it because it’s telling us to do something crazy and ridiculous. But I listened to it.’ Rhett Power is a cofounder of Courageous Leadership, a...

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How to Stay Mindful

‘In every crisis, there’s opportunity.’ Are you not sure how to stay mindful all the time as a busy entrepreneur? We’re here to help. We share a few tips on how business owners can stay mindful during a trying time like the current pandemic:  – remembering your business’s purpose...

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